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Animals on Campus

Animals on Campus

We are a people-centric University committed to providing a safe and inclusive workplace for our community. We understand that animals can play an important role in providing assistance and support for our people.

Assistance animals go through rigorous training to assist a person with a disability and meet standards of hygiene and behaviour for an animal in a public place.  

We welcome them on campus and recognise the critical role they play for people with disability.

Assistance animals are accredited and include:

  1. Guide Dogs (including working or ‘learner’ puppies in training);
  2. Hearing Dogs;
  3. Assistance Animal

A person cannot be excluded from a public space, service, or accommodation area on the basis of being accompanied by an assistance animal.

People may be asked for evidence of appropriate accreditation or training (e.g., identity card).

Further information on assistance animals is available here.

Pets, Orphaned Wildlife (wildlife rescuers or carers) or Companion Animals

University community members can request approval to bring a pet, orphaned wildlife, or companion animal on campus by:

  1. Completing a risk assessment and ensuring potentially affected people (e.g., team members, colleagues) have been consulted as a part of this (e.g., consideration for allergies, phobias and potential for illness or injury). It's equally important to consider the welfare and potential impact and risk to the animal
  2. Submitting the risk assessment for review by the relevant Officer (e.g., Head of School, Executive Director) to consider the identified controls and decide whether the risk is acceptable and appropriately controlled
  3. Store a record of the process of decision-making (i.e., save a copy of the risk assessment)

Local areas can opt to complete a risk assessment for their building/operations to determine the suitability or otherwise of domestic or companion animals in their area.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact the Safety and Wellbeing Team via the Self-Services Portal or by phone:

Self-Service Portal: ServiceNow

Telephone: +61 3 6226 6298