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All People Leaders are to implement the University’s COVID-Safety Plan PPTX 2.7 MB by managing the risk of our University community contracting or spreading COVID-19 disease in their areas of operation, by ensuring they:

  • Implement the UTAS COVID-Safety Plan in their areas of responsibility.
  • Continue to support their people to work from home or learn online, if possible.
  • Protect their vulnerable people from the risk of COVID-19.
  • Support their people’s wellbeing as they re-integrate back onto campus and the new ways we need to work while COVID-19 presents a threat.
  • Ensure their people understand the restrictions on returning to campus including completing the A COVID-Safe Campus Induction and attending a Health Screening Station daily.
  • Identify their spaces (e.g. offices, labs, workshops) and activities (e.g. research, learning and teaching and operations)
  • Assess their spaces and activities using the COVID-Safe Plan Checklist  PDF 206.7 KB.
  • Sign off (or by a delegate) the COVID-Safe Plan Checklists for their operations.
  • Monitor that COVID-19 controls are applied / enforced in their areas of responsibility.

A People Leader is anyone responsible for people including (but not limited to), Line Managers and Supervisors, Course Coordinators and Unit Coordinators, Fieldwork, Placement or Event Coordinators, Contract Manager, Point of contact for a Visitor etc.


> COVID-Safety Plan PPTX 2.7 MB

> Officers Guide to COVID-Safety Plan  PPSX 12.7 MB

All Leaders are to ensure they are familiar with the UTAS COVID-Safety Plan and ensure their areas of operation are meeting this plan using the COVID-Safe Plan Checklist for every activity and space under their control.  There are 5 steps to implementing the plan in the workplace:

Step 1. Communicate the COVID-Safety Plan PPTX 2.7 MB to all their People Leaders.

Step 2. Identify your *spaces and **activities which need a COVID-Safety Plan.

Step 3. Complete a COVID-Safe Plan Checklist (PDF 206KB) for the space being used or activity being undertaken.

Step. 4. Sign off (or a delegate) the COVID-Safe Plan Checklist PDF 206.7 KB for all your operations.

Step 5. Monitor that COVID-safe controls are applied/enforced by conducting a safety observation of the space or during the activity.


Spaces are any room  that is owned or operated by the University and is currently or planned to be utilised for L&T, Research or Operations. This includes offices, administrative areas, central teaching spaces, communal spaces, meeting rooms, tearooms and kitchens, libraries, gyms or clubrooms, student residences, farms, observatories, lifts, foyers, storage and plant rooms, specialised facilities such as laboratories, workshops or studios, simulation spaces, glasshouses, etc.

Space owners need to ensure that their spaces have been assessed using the COVID-Safety Plan Checklist and setup as COVID-Safe before use. A COVID-Safe Space signage should be visible at the entrance to the space.


Activities are any Learning and Teaching, Research or Operational activity on or off campus.  This includes lectures, tutorials, practicals, laboratory/workshop or studio activities, simulations, placements or work integrated learning, meetings, workshops or events, travel or fieldwork, or external engagements.

Activity owners need to ensure that the activity they are undertaking meets the requirements of the COVID-Safe Plan Checklist.


> COVID-Safe Plan Checklist  PDF 206.7 KB

> COVID-Safe Space signage

The UTAS COVID-safety plan must be implemented across all University functions, including but not limited to:

> Teaching and Learning activities e.g. face to face teaching, practicals, tutorials, simulations, fieldwork, placements, WIL, etc

> Research activities e.g. laboratory, workshop or studio work, fieldwork, placements, WIL etc

> Operational and supporting activities e.g. meetings, workshops, training, stakeholder/community engagement, networking, seminars, events (both formal and social, on and off campus), social and sports clubs, any travel for University purposes AND

> All University spaces (including residences) currently owned or operated by the University.

If you are responsible for any University activity or spaces, you must implement the UTAS COVID-Safety Plan.

The UTAS COVID-Safety Plan is implemented for your activity or space using the COVID-Safety Plan Checklist.

The COVID-Safety Plan Checklist is broken up into 6 parts:

  1. Managing risk
  2. Induction, Training and Supervision
  3. Physical Distancing
  4. Monitoring and Screening
  5. Handwashing and Hygiene
  6. Cleaning

Each section is described in detail.  Work your way through each section and use the information below to help you implement the plan for your space or activity.

In addition, there is a range of Resources available and support if you need more help.

People Leaders

It is the responsibility of all People Leaders to monitor that their operations, activities, and spaces are compliant with the COVID-Safe Plan Checklist and UTAS COVID-Safety Plan.

This may involve:

  • a safety observation walk-through of the activity or space using the Officers Safety Observation Form . DOC 410.0 KB
  • regular Team meetings to discuss risks, issues, or safety improvements in relation to COVID-19 and any changes to their work.
  • review of incidents or hazards raised in relation to COVID-19.

Worksafe Regulator

Worksafe Inspectors may visit a site unannounced and assess the workplace to ensure it meets the new COVID safe regulations and that it has a COVID-Safety Plan in place.