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Driving Minimum Standards

The objective of this Minimum Standard is to provide a framework for approved staff, students, volunteers and visitors driving University authorised vehicles. The University acknowledges its responsibility to provide safe vehicles and to ensure that they are properly maintained. Vehicles must be selected and used only for the purposes intended and by authorised and competent persons, and in compliance with all road rules, traffic laws and licence conditions.

This Standard provides the specifications for authorised vehicles. It also provides the requirements that Organisational Units must comply with if they own University vehicles that are not managed centrally by Commercial Services Development (CSD).

Forms and Checklists associated with the above Minimum Standards:

Note: Staff (including Adjunct, Clinical and University Associates) must use the new Driver Authorisation e-form in the Staff Services Portal. Student/Volunteers use this paper form.

Risk Assessment

A Risk Assessment is a simple tool to look at an activity such as a task, project or event to identify health and safety risks that are likely to pose a threat t a person's safety or impact on operations of the University and to establish appropriate risk controls to minimise harm.

The University Project/Task Risk Assessment Procedure (PDF 353KB) provides guidance on the minimum requirements for University of Tasmania staff and students to follow when planning an activity (both on and off campus) so that work health safety risks are managed.

Driver's Licence (International and Interstate)

The following links provide information for drivers of University vehicles who hold international and interstate licences:

Road Closures and Weather Warnings

Training Providers

Other providers may be listed in the yellow pages.

Useful Links

Extract from Driving Minimum Standard

"To be a University authorised vehicle, the vehicle must:

  • have an Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) 5 Star rating; or
  • have an ANCAP 4 Star rating and a kerb weight of 1300 – 1700kg; or
  • be a specific purpose vehicle assessed and authorised using an approved University risk assessment."