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Our express commitment to our people is that they are safe. The University of Tasmania embraces a culture of ‘safety first and always’, we share a responsibility to keep ourselves and others safe on the road.

The University acknowledges its responsibility to provide safe vehicles and to ensure that they are properly maintained. Infrastructure Services and Development (ISD) purchase and maintain an ANCAP 5 star rated fleet of University vehicles, ensure vehicle safety features are included in purchasing criteria and keep a list of authorised drivers.

Vehicles must be selected and used only for the University work purposes intended by authorised and competent persons and in compliance with all road rules, traffic laws and licence conditions.

Organisational areas and units must ensure the Authorisation to Drive process is in place for checking of appropriate and current driving licenses. This includes approving vehicle use, placing restrictions on type of vehicle use, giving permission for authorised tasks and type of vehicle use, scheduling work to account for travel time and managing fatigue.

Drivers must have sufficient knowledge, skills, experience and/or training to safely control the vehicle selected to be driven.

Our commitment

We will support all our people to travel as safely as possible by:

  • Allowing a reasonable timeframe for travelling between meetings.
  • Understanding that if you feel unfit to drive or ride, you must not.
  • Providing overnight accommodation for anyone who would have to travel a long-distance home after a full day’s work.
  • Providing appropriate training for people undertaking specialist driving activities such as off-road and/or towing; and
  • Providing ANCAP 5 star rated vehicles for travel.

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Our Responsibilities