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Provision of Non Standard Equipment

Employees must not introduce non-standard or their own personal equipment without prior approval.

An ergonomic workstation assessment and consultation with an allied health professional or ergonomist, concerning your needs, is required before the purchase or introduction of non-standard or personally owned equipment.

The health professional will provide advice, training, equipment recommendations if needed, and a written report.

The manager, employee and/or the Safety and Wellbeing team member may then discuss the report and the implementation of the recommendations.

Where non-standard or on very rare occasions, personal equipment is introduced to the office environment, the employee is responsible to use and maintain the equipment appropriately and in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations. Any personal device may be removed at the University Safety and Wellbeing team’s discretion.

As the employer is responsible for the safety of all building users, with a duty of care to employees and the effectiveness of the business activities in organisational unit, it is important that any non-standard equipment be recommended by an approved health professional.