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Field Activity

Policy Framework

The Workplace Safety Procedure (Coming Soon) is to be read and understood by anyone undertaking field activities and field work at the University. Field work includes any research, teaching or instruction off campus in remote, isolated or urban environments in local, domestic and international locations. The Field Activity Minimum Standard defines various terms, roles and procedure.

Associated Form and Hazard Checklist:

Field Friendly (system) has replaced the former system RiskTeq and is being used predominately by IMAS.

Behaviour while on Field Activity or Work Integrated Learning

The University recognises that all workers and students of the University

  • have a right to work and/or study in an environment that is free from inappropriate behaviour; and
  • ensure that the University complies with the provisions of relevant legislation in regard to discrimination, harassment and bullying.

The work and/or study environment extends to offsite activities including Fieldwork, Work Integrated Learning and Industry placements.

The risks of harm to workers and students from inappropriate behaviour must be assessed during the planning stage of the activity, similar to physical risks and mitigated appropriately before undertaking the activities.

Those undertaking the activity should be informed of the expected behaviour from both themselves and that of others including external persons involved in the activity such as Industry Placement Supervisors etc.

If an incident of inappropriate behaviour occurs during these activities contact the University Safe and Fair Community Unit who will investigate and provide support

Further information and support for managing and accessing the risks of inappropriate behaviour can be found on the following webpages:

The Message Centre (TMC) 24/7 Call-in Centre maintains contact with staff and students who:

  • Work alone e.g. controlled environments, farms, observatories,
  • Work after hours,
  • Undertake field activities locally, domestically and internationally.

TMC ensure regular contact is maintained with a User and in the event of failed contact, action is taken to ensure the status of the User is monitored following a predetermined escalation protocol. This service takes the stress and anxiety away from Supervisors/Managers, knowing that someone else is tracking the safety of your staff or students.

TMC can also provide monitoring using tracking devices such as Spot Trace and Garmin InReach devices for those working in remote locations. Communication with users can be by a combination of means - mobile devices, satellite phones, spot tracker, email, SMS and Skype.

Step 1. Lodge a Request for Implementation

Contact Vallorie Hodges (email or phone 6226 7200 to provide advice on implementation.

Step 2. Follow agreed call-in times

Make sure you call in to TMC at the agreed times during your activity and on completion notify that the activity is complete and that the User is back safe and sound.

Step 3. Failed call-in

If a User fails to make contact at the agreed time, TMC then begins a monitoring protocol (see example below) to contact the User or a designated contact person. If a designated contact person is contacted, TMC hands over responsibility to that person to make contact with the User.

A designated contact person should follow the escalation sequence until the User is contacted.  It is best to have this escalation sequence close at hand e.g. by your desk at work and on the fridge at home, in your wallet:

This service is funded centrally by People and Wellbeing – Safety and Wellbeing Unit.

The Workplace Safety Procedure (Coming Soon) provides advice of the management of remote or isolated work either on campus or any other place where work is carried out by or on behalf of the University.

Supporting Document:

Risk Assessment is a simple tool to look at an activity such as a task, project or event to identify health and safety risks that are likely to pose a threat t a person's safety or impact on operations of the University and to establish appropriate risk controls to minimise harm.

The University Project/Task Risk Assessment Procedure (PDF 353KB) provides guidance on the minimum requirements for University of Tasmania staff and students to follow when planning an activity (both on and off campus) so that work health safety risks are managed.