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Policy Framework

Radiation protection is defined as “The protection of people from harmful effects of exposure to radiation, and the means for achieving this” (IAEA). The goal of radiation protection is to avoid unnecessary exposures to radiation, without unduly limiting its use.

The Procedure (Coming Soon) sets out the minimum requirements for radiation protection and is to be read and understood by anyone undertaking Radiation work at or on behalf of the University.

Radiation work includes all teaching and research which deals with:

  • Ionising radiation - X-ray equipment, sealed or unsealed radioactive material
  • Non-ionizing radiation – Lasers

The Radiation Management Plan (PDF 337KB) outlines the requirements to ensure the practice of using radiation for the purpose of research and teaching is conducted as safely as possible in compliance with legislation.

Codes and Standards:

The University of Tasmania is the Radiation Licence Holder and the WHS Unit is the License administrator on behalf of the University.

The Radiation Protection Unit (RPU), Department of Health and Human Services, is the Regulator and issuer of the License.

The University has a license for each of the following sources of radiation:

  • X-ray apparatus
  • Sealed and unsealed radioactive material
  • Laser apparatus

There are three parts to each Radiation License:

  • Radiation apparatus or material – the licensed source
  • Approved Premise – the licensed premises for the licensed source
  • Authorised User – the licensed user of the licensed source. This includes dealings to use, sell, transport and service the radiation source.

Authorised Users must work under the requirements of the:

  • conditions of licence that will be applied
  • Radiation Safety Minimum Standard
  • Radiation Management Plan.

All applications to apply for or amend a license must go through the Safety and Wellbeing Application forms are available here.

Each Organisational Unit at the University which undertakes radiation work must have a licensed Radiation Safety Officer (RSO).

The following list of companies provide training for Radiation on Safety Awareness, Radiation Safety Officer and Laser Safety Officer.

The University is required to undertake:

  • an annual quality assurance audit of radiation activities across the University to ensure that compliance is met under the legislation;
  • an annual audit of the University Radiation License’s to confirm details of radiation apparatus and radioactive material is completed.

Radiation Licensed Users must also complete a Probity Statement annually.

The University of Tasmania holds an Australian Safeguards and Non-proliferation Office (ASNO)Permit for the Safeguard of Nuclear Material i.e. Uranium, Thorium and Plutonium material.

This permit is regarding the security of nuclear material and is required under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation (Safeguards) Act 1987. This permit is separate to the University’s Radiation Licenses for X-ray, Lasers and Source material which are required for radiation protection.

ASNO reports Australia’s nuclear material holdings to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) annually. The WHS Unit is the Permit Administrator and provides a report to ASNO annually.

The University is required to declare any of the following nuclear material (in any quantity or concentration):

Source Material:

  • Depleted uranium in any form.
  • Natural uranium in any form.
  • Thorium in any form.

Special Fissionable Material:

  • Uranium-235 (as enriched uranium) in any form.
  • Uranium-233 in any form.
  • Plutonium-239 in any form.

Examples of materials may be, but are not limited to:

  • Uranium and Thorium salt compounds.
  • ICP standards containing Uranium or Thorium.
  • Geological specimens containing Uranium or Thorium.
  • Radioisotopes containing Uranium or Thorium etc.

The University must notify ASNO before purchasing/transferring nuclear material.

So if you intend purchasing/transferring such material, please contact the Safety and Wellbeing Unit for advice.