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Work Integrated Learning and Professional Experience Placement

Policy Framework

The Professional Experience Placement Policy  and Work Integrated Learning Procedure are to be read and understood by anyone coordinating or undertaking Work Integrated Learning activities at the University. The policy and procedure outlines various terms, roles and management requirements of placements for students at the University.

Support for the safety and wellbeing of our students undertaking professional experience placement

A module is available at  to provide guidance to  placement providers and university representatives to support the safety and wellbeing of our students.

‘InPlace’ – Professional Placement Management System

InPlace is an on-line web based solution designed to meet the requirements of a broad range of professional placement processes. It supports all users (University, Employers and Students) in a single fully integrated system showing a consistent and current view of all placement related activity.

The College of Health and Medicine and some disciplines of the College of Arts, Law and Education use InPlace to assist with the management of professional experience placements.

If you would like further information on InPlace, and how it is used to manage professional placement processes, please contact who will organise a demonstration for you, or for an overview of InPlace click here .

Behaviour while on Field Activity or Work Integrated Learning

The University recognises that all workers and students of the University

  • have a right to work and/or study in an environment that is free from inappropriate behaviour; and
  • ensure that the University complies with the provisions of relevant legislation in regard to discrimination, harassment and bullying.

The work and/or study environment extends to offsite activities including Fieldwork, Work Integrated Learning and Industry placements.

The risks of harm to workers and students from inappropriate behaviour must be assessed during the planning stage of the activity, similar to physical risks and mitigated appropriately before undertaking the activities.

Those undertaking the activity should be informed of the expected behaviour from both themselves and that of others including external persons involved in the activity such as Industry Placement Supervisors etc.

If an incident of inappropriate behaviour occurs during these activities contact the Safe and Fair Community Unit who will investigate and provide support.

Further information and support for managing and accessing the risks of inappropriate behaviour can be found on the following webpages: