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List of Officers at the University of Tasmania

Persons occupying the following University positions are deemed to be Officers under the Work Health and Safety Act 2012:

Vice-Chancellor and President* Professor Rufus Black
Executive Director, Advancement* Rebecca Cuthill
Executive Director Jessica  Grant
Director, Peter Underwood CentreProfessor Natalie Brown, Chair of Academic Senate
Chief People OfficerJillian Bye
Director - Safety and WellbeingChris Arnold
Executive Director - Strategic Transformation Recruitment & International  OfficePeter Wiseman
Provost* Professor Jane Long
University Librarian Janette Burke
Executive Director, Student Life and Enrichment Stephanie Taylor
Deputy Vice-Chancellor - Education Professor Mitch Parsell
Pro Vice-Chancellor (Launceston) Professor Dom Geraghty
Pro Vice-Chancellor (Southern Transformation) Professor Mark Hunt
Pro Vice Chancellor (Aboriginal Research  and Leadership) Professor Greg Lehman
Pro Vice Chancellor (Cradle Coast Region) Professor Jim Cavaye
Vice President - Strategy - Finance and Marketing Craig Barling
Chief Marketing Officer Michelle Weir
DVC Recruitment and International Rob Wilson
Chief Strategy OfficerAmy Kelley
Chief Financial OfficerBen Rose
Associate Director - Strategic Insights and AnalyticsNathalie Henning
Associate Director -  Future  StudentsAllie House
Director Student SystemsRobyn Causley
DVC (Research) Professor Anthony Koutoulis
Executive Director - Research Operations Nigel Blundell
Executive Director - Innovation and EnterpriseProfessor Craig Johnson
Director, Integrated Marine Observing SystemMichelle Heupel
A/Dean - Graduate Research Assoc Professor  Jo Whittaker
Chief Operating Officer* David Clerk
Deputy Chief Operating  Officer Pennelope Ratcliffe
Chief Executive Officer - UTAS  HoldingsMiles Smith
Chief Executive Officer - UTAS PropertiesMatthew Higgs
Chief  Executive  Officer - University ServicesLee Whiteley
Executive Director - Corporate Finance Jo Willsmore
Executive Director - Northern and Southern  Campus TransformationPhil Leersen
Chief Information Officer Adrian Dillon
Executive Director - Infrastructure Services & Development Mike Hunnibell
Executive Director, Legal and Audit Jane Beaumont - General Council
Executive Dean and PVC,  Professor Kate Darian-Smith
Executive Director, Strategy & Business DevelopmentTina Psereckis
Director, OperationsScott Sullivan
Head of School,  Social Sciences Nicholas Farrelly
Dean of Law and Head of School Professor Michael Stuckey
Head of School,  English Professor Lisa Fletcher
Head of School,  Creative Arts and Media Assoc Professor Meg Keating
Head of School, Faculty of Education Professor Victoria Carrington
Director, Institute for the Study of Social ChangeElizabeth Lester
Director, Tasmania Law Reform InstituteBrendan Gogarty (Acting)
Director, Tasmanian Institute of Law Enforcement StudiesProfessor Nicole Asquith.
Director, Centre for Legal StudiesNaomi Bryant
Executive Dean   Assoc Professor Stuart Crispin
Director, OperationsKate Rowland
Head of School,  International Professor Melanie Bryant
Head of School, TSBE Dr Belinda Williams
Director, AIHSMProfessor Melanie Lauva
Principal - University CollegeAssociate Professor Andrea Carr
Executive Dean Professor Denise Fassett
Executive Director, Operations Mr Ben Jones
Director,  NSWMr Geoff Rickards
Head of School, Tasmanian 
School of Medicine
Associate Professor Tim Strong
Head of School,  Health Sciences Professor Nuala Byrne
Head of School, NursingProfessor Christine Stirling
Head of School, Pharmacy and PharmacologyProfessor Glenn Jacobson
Head of School,  Psychological Sciences and Psychology Professor Lisa Foa
Director, Menzies Research Institute of Tasmania Professor Alison Venn
Director, Wicking Institute Professor James Vickers
Executive Dean, College of Sciences and EngineeringTerry Bailey
Executive Director, Operations Alice Burns
Dean, School of Natural Sciences Professor Simon Ellingsen
Head of School, Engineering Professor Timothy Finnigan
Head of School, Architecture and Design Professor Julian Worrall
Head of School, ICTProfessor Anna Shillabeer
Head of School, Geography, Planning & Spatial SciencesProfessor Arko Lucieer
Principal, Australian Maritime CollegeMichael van Balen
A/Executive Director, Institute for Marine and Antarctic StudiesProfessor Chris Carter
Director, Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture Dr Michael Rose
A/Director Central Science Laboratory (CSL)Dr  Thomas Rodemann
Centre Director, ARC Training Centre for Portable Analytical Separation TechnologiesProfessor Brett Paull
Director, Centre for Ore Deposit and Earth SciencesProfessor David Cooke
Director Across- ASTechProfessor Michael Breadmore
Director, National Centre for Maritime Engineering and HydrodynamicsDr Vikram  Garaniya
Director, AMC SearchDean Cook
CEO, AMC Search Dean Cook
Director, Tasmanian Partnership for Advanced Computing Professor Nathan Bindoff
Director, Australian Innovation Research CentreProfessor Anthony Arundel