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Management Review

Management Review Audit has been developed to help our University assess and improve our Safety and Wellbeing management and performance.

The goal is to continually test and challenge our WHS systems and processes, identify opportunities for improvement and lock in our agreed actions.

An assessment is completed annually by each Academic/Business Unit to align with the University's business planning cycle.

This assessment utilises a Management Review which has been developed by the Safety and Wellbeing Unit to facilitate Officers assess their due diligence.

This is part of Officers due diligence cyclic activities held in the 3rd Quarter of the year, outlined in the  Safety Management Cyclic Calendar of Events.

Audit Process

Nominate an Auditor 

Each Organisational Unit shall nominate an Auditor to collect data during the audit.

The Auditor shall have access to the audit tool (either in their MySAFETY Audit Register or alternatively using a digital version of the audit tool).

Management Review Team

Consists of:

  • Head of Organisational Unit (or delegated Senior Manager)
  • Staff representing key functions of the Organisational Unit including Teaching and Learning, Research and Operations.
  • Auditor – Audit data collection and entry

Management Review Meeting

The Management Review Team will meet and complete a review of their safety management and identify areas for improvement using the audit tool.  A Management Review Guide is provided for guidance on what is required to meet compliance.

The Auditor will enter observations and findings, verification information and recommended actions.  The Safety and Wellbeing Team can provide support during the process and using the online tool.

Review Report

Once completed, the Head of the Organisational Unit will be provided a summary report to review the assessment, set the Organisational Unit's priorities and create an action plan for the next cycle. Heads of Faculties/Colleges and Divisions then review the Organisational Unit assessment reports, action plans and budgets, prioritise and allocate resources.

Tools and Guides

The Management Review is available either in MySAFETYAudit and Inspections’ Module as a checklist or alternatively a digital checklist is available here.

If the "Auditor" would like to record the audit and action plan in MySAFETY they need to contact the Safety and Wellbeing Unit so that it can be created and scheduled in their Audit Register before starting.

A ‘Management Review Guide’  has been developed to assist the Management Review Team in establishing whether the Organisational Unit meets the requirements of each element of the review:

If using MySAFETY, the Auditor logs into MySAFETY and enters in the review meeting findings.  For support in accessing the review checklist, please use the following Guide.

Management Review - 2020

Due to the impacts of COVID-19 on University operations the Management Review Audit has had a delayed start.  It would normally be conducted between July-Sept (3rd Quarter) as part of the Safety Management Cyclic Calendar of Events. However, this year it will be conducted between Oct-Dec (4th Quarter).

12 October

Management Review Open (6 weeks)

20 November

Management Review Close

1 December

Management Review Report signoff by OU Head

23 December

Summary report provided to College/Faculty/Division

Meeting 1 2021

Summary report provided to Audit and Risk Committee