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MySAFETY goes mobile!

Logging an incident or hazard has just become easier with the introduction of MySAFETY pocketSafety APP!

This means you can log an incident or hazard instantly while out and about.

You can even upload an image of the hazard at the location using your phone camera.

The hazard or incident can be assigned to your Line Manager or other responsible person to act.

Download the pocketSafety App:

It is very easy to download from the App Store or Google Play, just follow the instructions detailed below:

Please Note:   as at 30 March 2021 an upgrade to Pocket Safety is currently  underway. When downloading the app, please select "New Prod" instead of Riskcloud Production",  all other instructions remain the same.

Once you have downloaded pocketSafety App onto your iPhone, android phone or iPad you can log any incidents or hazards wherever you are.