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Workers Compensation, Return to Work and Injury Management

The Safety and Wellbeing Unit has responsibility for the management of workers compensation claims and can provide advice about the return to work of injured employees and injury management.

There is a variety of information available for you contained in the sections below. If you need to contact someone regarding Workers Compensation or for advice please contact:

Injury Prevention and  Rehabilitation Specialist

Phone: +61 3 6226 1928

The University is committed to assisting all staff with a supportive and safe return to work where a personal illness or injury has occurred.

Recovering from personal injury or illness whilst returning to the workplace can be assisted through discussions with your Line Manager and/or dedicated Business Partner.

Available assistance includes:

  • Development of a return to work plan on a graduated and/or restricted basis
  • Obtaining an ergonomic assessment and recommendations for changes to working environments
  • Rehabilitation counselling
  • Engagement with treating and/or independent medical practitioners

The University has coverage for employees travelling on authorised, or travel incidental to the business. More information about Travel Insurance is available through Financial Services.