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About Us

The Tasmania Scholarships program was established by the University of Tasmania in 1994. The first scholarships were awarded to students in 1995, within a program encompassing undergraduate, honours, research and international scholarships.

Initially the program sought to retain the best Tasmanian school leavers whilst also attracting talented interstate and overseas students to the University. However, it became increasingly obvious in the first few years of the program that it was also essential to be able to offer support to those students without the financial means to attend university.

Gradually, as awareness of our program grew, individuals, small business and large companies joined with local, state and federal governments to provide funding through the University of Tasmania Foundation for our students. This, together with funding provided by our internal schools, faculties, colleges and institutes, ensures we have a substantial array of scholarships and bursaries on offer each year, valued at approximately $7 million. Our program aids students from all walks of life, including those who have achieved high academic results; those from low socio-economic backgrounds; students with sporting ability; students undertaking overseas study; and students with a disability. Whilst we aren't able to provide assistance to every applicant, our selection committees endeavour to distribute the available funding as widely and equitably as possible.

The generous supporters funding our scholarships and bursaries are investing in the future of our University students and their generosity makes studying a reality - potentially a life-changing experience for many. There is no doubt that without this financial help, many of our scholars would not be able to afford a tertiary education.

On behalf of our scholars, the University of Tasmania Scholarships program expresses its gratitude for each and every donation made in the past 26 years. The help and support that is being provided to our students is essential to reward and encourage them to achieve the very best they can.