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FSP to Degree Scholarship

FSP to Degree Scholarship

This scholarship provides international students who have completed the University's Foundation Studies Program (FSP) with a 10% tuition fee reduction in their undergraduate coursework program. The scholarship is available for all undergraduate programs (with the exception of the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree).


The FSP to Degree Scholarship is available to University of Tasmania FSP graduates who have applied for an undergraduate course at UTAS. Please note that if a student is offered a Tasmanian International Scholarship (TIS), AMC Tuition Fee Bursary or Family Alumni Bursary the FSP to Degree Scholarship will not apply. UTAS Foundation Studies Program graduates who choose to study at another institute and then apply to continue their studies at the University of Tasmania in a later admission period will also be deemed ineligible for this scholarship.

Ongoing Eligibility

Not applicable.


10% reduction in registered tuition fees for the duration of the course.


Students who submit an International Student Application for an FSP to Degree package at the University of Tasmania will automatically be awarded the scholarship. This scholarship will come into effect for the undergraduate degree program only.

Enquiries should be directed to International Scholarships