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Science Engagement - Schools and Community

Welcome to Science Engagement - Schools and Community

We have an extensive program of engagement and outreach activity, including on-campus workshops, state-wide competitions and major festivals.

We aim to raise awareness of the vital role that Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) has in our society and are committed to providing opportunities for future STEM professionals to learn new skills and to meet like-minded people.

Whether you are a student, a teacher, a family, or just have an interest, join us to uncover the amazing possibilities in STEM!

Do you have a generic question about our STEM activities in schools, on campus, or in the community? Please email and we'll make sure the right person gets in touch with you.

Are you interested in even more activities for school students? Visit Schools Engagement to discover what the University has to offer.

Schools outreach

We offer a range of hands-on programs for school students, from primary to secondary, designed to excite and inspire.

Take part in practical activities, interactive demonstrations, research facility visits, as well as local and national competitions held on campus. Or our travelling programs can come to your school.

Whether on campus or at your school, our programs provide opportunities for students to explore STEM in ways that are innovative, challenging and fun!

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"This was such a great experience and one I would not replace for anything! My love for science and my passion to pursue a career in the field has been concreted by the program. Our UTAS guides were great and it was so special to share everything with people who had the same love for science as I do."

2016 Science Experience participant


The College of Sciences and Engineering are proud to continue a long tradition of engagement with the community. From regional activities to participation in Australia’s largest science events, our community programs help bring the fascinating world of science to communities right around Tasmania.

National Science Week and Inspiring Australia are our core community engagement programs, but you’ll also find us at local community events and festivals like AgFest in the north of Tasmania and TastroFest in the northwest. Australia are our core community programs.

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