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Executive Dean's Honour Roll

The Executive Dean of the College of Sciences and Engineering, Terry Bailey, extends congratulations to all our students who are admitted to the Executive Dean’s Honour Roll by achieving outstanding academic results.

^ With the advent of the College of Sciences and Engineering replacing the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology on 1 January 2018, the 'Dean' became the 'Executive Dean'. Prior to 2018, eligible graduates were placed on the Dean’s Honour Roll of the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology. The Dean's Honour Roll was formerly known as the Dean's Roll of Excellence and was changed in recognition of the revised criteria and to bring the University in line with the naming convention at a number of other Australian universities.

Executive Dean College of Sciences and Engineering
Honour Roll Criteria

Eligibility - 2021

To be eligible for inclusion on the Executive Dean’s College of Sciences and Engineering (the 'College') Honour Roll, a student must:

  • be graduating from an undergraduate course offered by the College*; OR
  • be graduating from a combined degree that incudes a degree component offered by the College*;
  • achieve a Grade Point Average of 6.25 or higher for all units contributing to the fulfillment of the requirements for that course;
  • have not be awarded a faculty pass or failing grade (including Withdrawn deemed failed (WN))

Eligibility is also subject to meeting the criteria below:

  1. Courses with a minimum of 8 units or 100 credits are to be considered for eligibility.
  2. All University of Tasmania units from incomplete degrees which count towards the degree should be included in the GPA calculation (eg advanced standing for specified units from one UTAS degree to another should be included).
  3. The Honour Roll is based on approved units at the University of Tasmania, which includes units taken as approved overseas exchange units.
  4. A student’s eligibility is subject to the discretion of the Executive Dean of the College. The College reserves a right to remove a student from the Honour Roll if the student was placed on the Honour Roll through administrative error or if the student has been found guilty of academic misconduct during their degree.

Combined degree students may be placed on the Honour Roll for either/both faculties.

Calculation of Grade Point Average (GPA)

The method for calculating the GPA is based on allocating a mark to a grade as follows:

  • HD = 7
  • DN = 6
  • CR = 5
  • PP = 4

The weighting of units studied is added together and divided by the total of the marks allocated to the grades (above).

The result UP (Ungraded Pass) is not included in GPA calculations.

These criteria will be applied to College Honour Roll decisions for graduates in the 2015 academic year onwards.

*Need to list any courses that CoSE have excluded here, or remove the footnote.