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  2. Research Thesis 3 [CSA714]

    2023 Online
    This unit is the third of a Research Thesis unit series concerning the development, planning and conduct of a research project in clinical pharmacy, pharmacy practice or clinical pharmacology. This unit focuses on results discussion and an oral presentation. Students must undertake all units (Research Thesis 1, 2, 3 and 4) to complete their research thesis in the Master of Clinical Pharmacy. An...
  3. 2023 Launceston Student elective
    In this unit students learn to apply theories of reliability engineering to the analysis, interpretation and evaluation of common components with respect to the design, operation and maintenance stages of asset life cycle. The unit provides an introduction to the concepts of reliability engineering including time-dependent failure mechanism, physics-of-failure mechanism, reliability measures and...
  4. 2023 Launceston Student elective
    Advanced Ship Structures is an advanced and specialised unit aimed at furthering students’ knowledge and understanding of ship structures. By applying the knowledge gained in previous units such as Mechanics of Solids and Analysis of Machines & Structures and combining it with the concepts gained in Applied Ship Design. Students are introduced to advanced theories and analysis techniques...
  5. Scientific Diving [KSM306]

    2023 Hobart Student elective
    This unit provides theoretical and practical training in scientific diving, focusing on both safe diving procedures in the conduct of science underwater and a range of scientific techniques used commonly by scientific divers. Students who complete the course satisfactorily will gain formal professional certification as an unrestricted scientific diver, and restricted occupational diver (as per...
  6. Physics [XPD016]

    2023 Hobart
    This unit aims to provide students with knowledge and understanding of physics, as well as interacting with data, applying and evaluating information and solving problems. Students gain experimental skills through practical investigations and interaction with concepts and experimental information.The content in this unit is an amalgamation of two original unit, Physics -Electromagnetism and...
  7. Honours [XSB400]

    2023 Hobart, Launceston, Online
    Administrative unit to be used for recording Honours grades and marks...
  8. Quantum Mechanics [KYA321]

    2023 Hobart Student elective
    KYA321 Quantum Mechanics provides a rigorous introduction to the theory that underpins the modern understanding of matter and radiation. We start from the semi-classical understanding of the blackbody spectrum of light and the Bohr model of the hydrogen atom and build toward the modern quantum theory with a focus on the central role played by angular momentum. We strongly emphasise the...
  9. Calculus [XPD007]

    2023 Hobart
    Mathematics with Calculus aims to provide students with knowledge and understanding of mathematical methods that can be applied to the sciences and commerce. Typically, students already have a good understanding of Mathematics to take this subject. Students are encouraged gain confidence in developing their language around expressing mathematical ideas in a real-world context. ...
  10. Chemistry [XPD009]

    2023 Hobart
    Chemistry aims to (i) promote knowledge and understanding around the central concepts and theories appropriate to the study of chemistry at a pre-tertiary level, (ii) explore the language of chemistry, including symbols and models used to describe, explain and predict chemical behaviour, (iii) develop scientific skills and attitudes, including techniques of operation, recording observations and...
  11. Programming [KIT107]

    2023 Hobart, Launceston Student elective
    This unit extends the students' knowledge and experience of programming. It introduces dynamic data structures, foundational collection abstract data types, and computational algorithms and techniques. Programming is undertaken in Java and C and topics include: references and pointers, memory management, self-referential data structures, abstract data types and their implementation, and an...
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