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  2. Motor Learning [ESP233]

    2023 Launceston
    A cornerstone to the profession of human movement is an understanding of how people move. The ability to understand and explain how people learn motor skills is at the core of successful physical activity program design. An understanding of the main themes of skill acquisition provides the human movement professional with the tools to teach and correct movement. Knowing how people learn a motor...
  3. Languages Teaching [ESH311]

    2023 Student elective
    In this unit you will investigate the principles and practicalities of teaching a foreign language within a primary school context The unit will include evaluation and application of Languages teaching and learning theory and contemporary language teaching methodologies. Existing understandings, skills and processes to plan and implement Language teaching and learning experiences into the primary...
  4. Sports Coaching [ESP319]

    2023 Launceston
    This unit develops knowledge and skills in the area of sports coaching, with a large emphasis placed on coaching pedagogy highlighting the social, cultural and pedagogical concepts underpinning good coaching practice. It touches on the application of sports science principles outlined by the Australian Sports Commission to the coaching environment. Participation in this unit provides...
  5. Honours Dissertation [EPF420]

    Students selected into one of the following Faculty of Education Honours courses, B.Ed (Hons), B.Ed (Primary) (Hons), B.Ed (Early Childhood) (Hons) course will undertake this unit. This unit is the second in a sequence that aims to prepare and assist students in undertaking a substantial sustained piece of educational research. Students who complete this unit successfully will have: implemented a...
  6. 2023 Launceston Student elective
    In this unit students learn to apply theories of reliability engineering to the analysis, interpretation and evaluation of common components with respect to the design, operation and maintenance stages of asset life cycle. The unit provides an introduction to the concepts of reliability engineering including time-dependent failure mechanism, physics-of-failure mechanism, reliability measures and...
  7. 2023 Launceston Student elective
    Advanced Ship Structures is an advanced and specialised unit aimed at furthering students’ knowledge and understanding of ship structures. By applying the knowledge gained in previous units such as Mechanics of Solids and Analysis of Machines & Structures and combining it with the concepts gained in Applied Ship Design. Students are introduced to advanced theories and analysis techniques...
  8. 2023
    Leaders now hold key responsibilities for developing the human resource capacities in their organisations. During times of rapid and complex change this responsibility is increased. The professional development and on-going learning of staff, to meet changes in roles and capability requirements in response to internal and external forces, becomes a critical leadership skill. This unit examines...
  9. 2023 Online
    The importance of play is recognised as being integral to young childrens learning and development and is therefore, embedded within the Early Years Learning Framework. This unit comprises of three modules, namely: What is play? Play and the curriculum; and Play and the early childhood (EC) practitioner. The concept, assessment and integration of play based learning will be investigated through...
  10. 2023 Launceston Student elective
    The aim of this unit is to equip you with the knowledge and ability todesign and implement training programs for a range of populationswith varying health and fitness goals. This unit will cover modulesincorporating professionalism and safety in educationalenvironments, fitness instruction and health testing, providingnutritional information, working with special populations, andfundamental skill...
  11. 2023 Online Student elective
    This unit extends your understanding of the emotional, intellectual, spiritual, interpersonal, social and environmental dimensions of health and wellness. The content focuses on critical aspects of social and emotional learning (SEL) to ensure you can successfully implement a program of SEL in a school or workplace. SEL encompasses concepts such as resilience, mental health, drug education,...
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