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    John Clark AM
    9 Mar 2023: BA Hons 1954, MA 1956, honoris causa 2003John Clark AM, Director of Australia’s National Institute for Dramatic Art (NIDA) for four decades, has an eye for talent. An eye too for story and for teaching. A firm believer in practicing what you preach,
  3. Thumbnail for Launching The Hedberg Talks

    Launching The Hedberg Talks
    21 Feb 2023: Marta Dusseldorp, Behrouz Boochani and Emmy Award winner Lynette Wallworth will join local and University talent to launch a new series, The Hedberg Talks, as part of  the Ten Days on the Island Festival Hub. The College of Arts, Law and Education
  4. Thumbnail for Our new campus is growing at Inveresk

    Our new campus is growing at Inveresk
    13 Dec 2022: If you were to visit the University in Launceston as a returning member of the alumni community, you would see some exciting changes. Crossing the river from the city using the new pedestrian and cycle footbridge, you’d notice students playing
  5. Thumbnail for Engaging, Connecting, Revitalising

    Engaging, Connecting, Revitalising
    13 Dec 2022: Acknowledgement of CountryMina tunapri milaythina nara ningina waranta mapali mapali. Mina tunapri rruni lutruwita milaythina Pakana taymi ningina raytji. Mina tunapri Pakana Ngini; nara pumili makuminya waranta-mapali taypani lunta;
  6. Thumbnail for Pat Brassington - 'Parachute'

    Pat Brassington - 'Parachute'
    17 Nov 2022: Born in Hobart, Tasmania in 1942, Pat Brassington is one of Australia's foremost photo-media artists, with a celebrated career spanning four decades. Brassington's work deals with feminism, surrealism and psychoanalysis, using tricks of digital
  7. Thumbnail for Egyptian amulet mould

    Egyptian amulet mould
    14 Nov 2022: This pair of objects includes an Egyptian amulet mould in terracotta and a modern cast taken in blue polymer clay. The terracotta mould was created for the production of amulets depicting the ancient Egyptian god Nefertem – a god associated with
  8. Thumbnail for Beattie glass lantern slide

    Beattie glass lantern slide
    14 Nov 2022: Built in 1848-49, Domain House is a Gothic-revival style sandstone building that stands in Hobart's Queen's Domain. Initially the High School of Hobart Town, it was sold to the newly opened University of Tasmania in 1892 and remained part of the
  9. Thumbnail for Mavis the rhino of Inveresk

    Mavis the rhino of Inveresk
    14 Nov 2022: 'Mavis' is a sculpture made by Canadian artist Roger Gaudreau in 2007. Part of a series called Migration of Rhinoceros, Gaudreau's rhinoceros sculptures appear in locations as diverse as Quebec, Italy, France, Taiwan, Tasmania, Finland and
  10. Thumbnail for Attic red-figure skyphos

    Attic red-figure skyphos
    14 Nov 2022: Skyphoi are a type of drinking cup used in ancient Greece. The larger of these cups could hold more than a litre of liquid, usually a mix of wine and water to be shared by a group at a symposium. Ancient Greek symposia were gatherings that ranged in
  11. Thumbnail for Corneliu Petrescu - 'Self portrait'

    Corneliu Petrescu - 'Self portrait'
    14 Nov 2022: This is one of several self-portraits by Romanian artist Corneliu Petrescu. Typical of his style, he worked in a combination of muted colours like olive and brown with Byzantine flourishes of red and gold. His use of mixed media collage including

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