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  2. Thumbnail for A rising tide lifts all boats

    A rising tide lifts all boats
    10 May 2023: For Dr Ian and Jill Wilson, university scholarships paved the way to greater opportunities, opportunities they are now keen to share with a new generation of Tasmanian students. To this end, the couple have provided an endowment of $1 million which
  3. Thumbnail for The transformative power of education

    The transformative power of education
    4 Apr 2023: Surveys of students who receive a university offer but don’t enrol have revealed that one in five are not enrolling due to financial issues. The costs that are barriers are living expenses while studying, accommodation, transport, textbooks and
  4. Thumbnail for A helping hand

    A helping hand
    4 Apr 2023: Meet the red handfish – Albie, Ariel, Benni, Hector and Hippocrates. The list goes on. Each has been sponsored by members of the public keen to help the critically endangered species. Albie was named by Albuera Street Primary School students,
  5. Thumbnail for Staff giving from the heart

    Staff giving from the heart
    4 Apr 2023: That’s all changing now, as an increasing number of year 12 students and adult learners from across Tasmania look to the University as the portal to the future. Associate Professor Ashley Townsend, a leader at the University’s Central Science
  6. Thumbnail for Foundation USA

    Foundation USA
    4 Apr 2023: It seems worlds apart from the small, pristine and laid-back island of Tasmania where the Chief Executive of private equity investment firm Beckway studied. Despite the differences and the vast distance, the bond between Mark and the University of
  7. Thumbnail for Charitable trust makes enduring impact

    Charitable trust makes enduring impact
    4 Apr 2023: The year before her death, Irene Phelps reflected on her life: the girl from a former gold mining town in northern Tasmania, who had started out sweeping floors at a women’s apparel store, had travelled the globe, established a new life in
  8. Thumbnail for Family business gives back to architecture students

    Family business gives back to architecture students
    4 Apr 2023: Started by Robert Frederick Fergusson, whose career as an architect was interrupted by the Great Depression, the business was expanded by son Robert Guy Fergusson to supply the home building and renovation market across Tasmania. Trustee and daughter
  9. Thumbnail for Island of dreams

    Island of dreams
    4 Apr 2023: US-born Thomas Crawford spent only three of his 59 years in Tasmania but told friends that those three years studying at university were his happiest days. Indeed he dubbed Tasmania his “island of dreams”. A central theme in Thomas’s life was a
  10. Thumbnail for Lecture series inspires thought

    Lecture series inspires thought
    4 Apr 2023: Thanks to the support of a generous philanthropist, Pam McDougall, this complex conversation has begun. The inaugural Pam McDougall Lecture, the first in a series of public lectures on early childhood education, provided thought-provoking insights
  11. Thumbnail for With scholarship support, the sky is the limit

    With scholarship support, the sky is the limit,-the-sky-is-the-limit
    4 Apr 2023: Neve Clippingdale was only two years old when she first saw a jellyfish dance. Eyes pressed against the glass, the toddler from the North-West Coast of Tasmania was mesmerised by the strange pulsating blob inside the aquarium. A curiosity about the

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