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  2. Thumbnail for New short course illuminates workplace wellbeing

    New short course illuminates workplace wellbeing
    21 Jan 2019: Unabated mental health issues in our workforce not only have a potentially huge impact on productivity, but are also deeply affecting on a personal level for millions of Australian employees. A new one-day short course from the Tasmanian School of
  3. Thumbnail for The Psychology of success

    The Psychology of success
    10 Oct 2017: How do our everyday routines shape us? And can they lead us to greatness? It was reading about the creative processes of great artists that led Joel Keygan, 22, to study Psychology at the University of Tasmania. “When I finished year 12 I had the
  4. Thumbnail for How education can improve lives

    How education can improve lives
    20 Sep 2018: Annette Branch’s advice for returning to study after a 40 year break? Just jump in. “Just do it. It’s great,” she said. I’m two years into the study and now definitely have a work/life/study balance. You can fit it in easily. Annette, 54, is
  5. Thumbnail for Claire tops class in Sustainable Living

    Claire tops class in Sustainable Living
    4 May 2020: Claire Duke is on top of the world after becoming the first-ever graduate of the Diploma of Sustainable Living. The Victorian paramedic, who already completed two bachelor degrees, including one at the University of Tasmania, thought a return to
  6. Thumbnail for Changing course for a new career

    Changing course for a new career
    10 Apr 2019: It’s never too late to change career direction, according to University of Tasmania graduate Rebecca Foxen who, after a decade working as a lawyer, has returned to study with her sights set on working as a paramedic. Rebecca is on the verge of
  7. Thumbnail for How the tide turned for Jim Andrew

    How the tide turned for Jim Andrew
    28 Mar 2019: According to Jim Andrew the only painting he’s done over the years is house painting during home renovations. Now, he is an arts honours student and one of his art works was a finalist for the Glover Prize, Australia’s most prestigious landscape
  8. Thumbnail for When the stars align

    When the stars align
    19 Aug 2019: As a Registered Nurse, a soldier, and a student, Nev Stott is used to overcoming obstacles. So when an “unexpected hiccup” came during his Bachelor of Paramedic Practice and he was deployed to Iraq, but he still managed to finish his studies. Nev,
  9. Thumbnail for From sparkie to trainer

    From sparkie to trainer
    4 Mar 2021: Matt King has a passion to pass on his knowledge to the next generation. After starting his career as a sparkie, he then became a trainer. Matt is now Head of Swan Trade Training Centre in WA. He teaches Certificate II in Electrotechnology
  10. Thumbnail for The inspirational beauty of the bush

    The inspirational beauty of the bush
    10 Apr 2019: Pamela Horsley has been a busy woman her whole life. But between a midwifery/maternal and child health career, living in developing countries and raising a family, she always found time to keep her creativity alive. Now as a student in her first
  11. Thumbnail for From radiology to psychology

    From radiology to psychology
    10 Oct 2017: Jodie Wise loved her career as a radiographer and sonographer. But when she was diagnosed with arthritis, she was no longer able to operate the machines she had worked with for 27 years. “I started having problems scanning and I was getting quite

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