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  2. Thumbnail for Mapping interstellar magnetic fields

    Mapping interstellar magnetic fields
    27 Apr 2020:
  3. Thumbnail for Why you should never stop stargazing

    Why you should never stop stargazing
    3 Sep 2019: From a little boy staring in wonder at the night sky to the head of Physics at the University, Dr Andrew Cole has never lost his curiosity about the mysteries held in space. “I was inspired by the night sky and trying to understand why things
  4. Thumbnail for Catalyst for curiosity

    Catalyst for curiosity
    14 Jun 2022: Spending much of her childhood on a rural property at Flowerpot in Southern Tasmania, Emmaline Lonergan grew up with a deep appreciation for nature, particularly the marine environment of the nearby D’Entrecasteaux Channel. She says this idyllic
  5. Thumbnail for Double degrees hit the right note

    Double degrees hit the right note
    14 Jun 2022: Emily Swanson and Simon Ramirez are both enrolled in double degrees. The nature of work is changing, with today’s university students likely to have multiple careers over their lifetime. So it makes sense that many students are enrolling in two
  6. Thumbnail for Detective or decide!

    Detective or decide!
    21 Aug 2017: It’s no secret that scientists get to do some amazing stuff. They see things in a different way. It might be scanning the frozen landscape of Antarctica from the deck of a research vessel, it might be investigating outer space through a telescope,
  7. Thumbnail for Released into the wild

    Released into the wild
    18 Jul 2022: Jessica Morrison had to change courses in the final year of her bachelor’s degree in order to study her honours year in Tasmania, but she says it was completely worth it. And being awarded the $7500 Governor’s Environment Scholarship was a
  8. Thumbnail for Drones to look after Tassie animals

    Drones to look after Tassie animals
    12 Apr 2021: Drones are being increasingly embraced as a powerful, cost-effective tool in wildlife management. Yee Von Teo will spend the next three years monitoring large mammals in Tasmania using drones for her doctoral research. Her PhD project is supervised
  9. Thumbnail for Tracking SpaceX and NASA missions

    Tracking SpaceX and NASA missions
    19 Nov 2018: The University is providing high-precision positioning data and telemetry support for a range of space missions, including the SpaceX missions to resupply the International Space Station. The collaboration is the University’s latest contribution to
  10. Thumbnail for Physics graduate awarded for supermassive research achievement

    Physics graduate awarded for supermassive research achievement
    29 Jun 2017: A University of Tasmania Honours graduate has secured a prestigious national award for her research into supermassive black holes and galaxies, highlighting the strength of the institution’s astronomy program. Madeline Marshall is the 2017
  11. Thumbnail for Can other planets sustain life?

    Can other planets sustain life?
    4 Jul 2017: Professor John Dickey represents childhood musings for many of us. For everyone who stared upward into the night sky counting stars and dreaming of what lay beyond and from where it all came, Professor Dickey’s research may one day provide the

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