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Science and Engineering Investigation Awards

The Science and Engineering Investigation Awards allow Year 5 – 12 students to investigate a topic of their choice either following the scientific method of inquiry or engineer physical solutions (prototypes) to address specific problems or needs.

Students plan what they are going to do, carry out their experiments or create their prototypes, then present their findings to judges from research, industry and education.

Participating in the Awards is free and students receive a certificate acknowledging their efforts. Prizes are awarded to outstanding projects and encouragement awards are also on offer.

In 2022, the Awards will be organised into in-school presentations for Year 5- 8 students and on-campus presentations at the University of Tasmania for Year 9 – 12 students.

Why enter?

This competition encourages interest in science and engineering through authentic learning experiences that enable students to solve real-world problems.

Participating in the Awards not only provides an opportunity to actively use scientific inquiry or engineering design, but also to develop valuable skills in reasoning, communication, presentation, project planning and delivery, and working as part of a team.

The Awards also offer a pathway to state, national and international recognition of excellence through the Tasmanian Science Talent Search and the BHP Science and Engineering Awards.

Register for SEIA in Schools (Y 5-8) Register for SEIA on Campus (Y 9-12)  

Be sure to review the entry conditions, risk assessment, and judging criteria for investigations or designs.

Key Dates 2022

SEIA on Campus (Y 9-12)


Registration closes: 24 Aug

Presentation Day: 7 Sept

Award Ceremony (at Open Day): 11 Sept


Registration closes: 31 Aug

Presentation Day: 14 Sept

Award Ceremony (at Open Day): 18 Sept


Registration closes: 7 Sept

Presentation Day: 21 Sept

Award Ceremony (at Open Day): 25 Sept

SEIA in Schools (Y 5-8)


Registration closes: 30 Sept

Presentations: 20 to 28 Oct

What's it like doing an investigation? Science and Engineering Investigation Awards

Haven't been to the Awards before? Watch this short overview.

For more information, please contact:

Science Outreach Coordinator