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Thinking about entering the Science and Engineering Investigation Awards? You've come to the right place.

The great thing about this competition is that you can choose what topic you're going to investigate. It might be related to a hobby or something you've read, or it might be something that you're really curious about like Tassie bees or the chemistry of lettuce!  Or perhaps there is a problem you've come across that you would like to design a solution for.

Whatever you decide, you'll be using either the scientific method to investigate your topic just as a scientist would, or you'll be using the engineering design process to solve a problem or build a prototype just like an engineer.

"Scientific investigation, scientific inquiry and research project are all descriptions of a similar process. A scientific investigation involves asking a question, often because you’ve observed something new or different, and using the scientific method to answer the question."

"Both scientists and engineers contribute to our world of human knowledge, but in different ways. Scientists use the scientific method to make testable explanations and predictions about the world. Engineers use the engineering design process to create solutions to problems."

Whether you carry out an experiment or build a prototype, you’ll need to plan what you're going to do, carry out your investigation, and share what you've discovered. The steps you're going to take are the same steps that a professional would take, so you're being real scientists and engineers by entering the Awards.

Remember that for the best chance of winning a prize, you will need to meet the entry conditions and produce the best work you can.

Good luck!