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What to expect

Once you've done your project, and entered the awards, you might be curious about how it all works

Project Presentation Day

The Project Presentation Day for the Science and Engineering Investigation Awards usually starts around 9:00 am when judges arrive for their briefing session and school groups arrive to set up their projects. You'll be joined by other students from other schools, and it can all be a bit busy and exciting.

You'll have an allocated space for your project and a project card that you'll need to attach to your project. This has a number on it that helps the judges find and track your project during the judging process.

The official judging starts around 10:00 am. You'll need to be with your project and ready to talk to judges about what you did. They'll ask you some questions about your investigation or design (PDF 43KB) and might offer some suggestions to help you improve next time.

During the morning, there'll be a short break for morning tea and for the judges to compare notes. This is followed by a second round of judging before lunch.

After the second round of judging, some projects might be shortlisted for an award. If your project is shortlisted, you'll be asked to leave it at the end of the day for display at the Awards Evening. If your project isn't shortlisted, don't be too disappointed. Science is all about perseverance and many great scientific discoveries weren't recognised at first! So be prepared to try again next year. Everyone who takes part in the Science and Engineering Investigation Awards receives a Certificate of Participation and these will be given to you by your teacher.

The Project Presentation Day usually finishes by 1:30 pm at the latest. You'll be asked to pack up your project (unless shortlisted) and leave your allocated space clean and tidy.

Events like the Science and Engineering Investigation Awards take place at universities around Australia. See how students experienced an Awards Judging Day at the University of New England.

Awards Evening

The Awards Evening celebrates outstanding student projects and acknowledges the role of its many supporters and sponsors. If your project has been shortlisted for an award, it will be on display at the Awards Evening.

The event is open to members of the wider community and you are welcome to invite family and friends to come along. Teachers and principals, university representatives, judges, supporters and sponsors are also invited to attend the Awards Presentation Event. Be aware that you and your family and friends will need to register for the event.

Awards include prizes for outstanding investigations based on year level and category; To encourage our future scientists and engineers, there are industry–sponsored Young Scientist and Young Engineer Awards, currently only awarded in the North-West, for the overall best investigations.

At the Awards Evening, you'll be presented with your prize and certificate by one of our Science and Engineering Investigation Awards supporters, and you're encouraged to thank them in person at the time, as well as in writing after the event.

You'll most likely hear from a guest speaker who may have been a past participant in the Science and Engineering Investigation Awards and who has gone on to have a related career. You'll also find out about future opportunities in science and engineering, including study pathways and further activities such as the Tasmanian Science Talent Search, Science Experience (Year 9-10) or Tasmanian Youth Science Forum (Year 11-12).