We partner with GBEs and government leaders to deliver data driven projects which create real regional impact aligned with Tasmanian and Australian Government strategic priorities.

Regional impact

Data creates opportunity to transform industry, government and community. Sense-T changes the perceptions of industry and business, and together, we work to discover the possibilities and impact of data driven transformation.

We work to harness Tasmania's economies of scale and close relationships between industry, government and the community to create projects which can support policy direction and data driven innovation and transformation.

Sense-T is an ideal partner for solving industry-wide problems of interest to Government requiring the creation of data and networks that create regional impact in addition to business enterprise value. For larger scale projects Sense-T is able to bring together multi-disciplinary teams capable of exploring regional issues through multiple lenses to provide new insights. Projects are not limited to Tasmanian issues as we are also able to apply our capabilities to interstate and international regional issues.


The benefits for Governments partners working with Sense-T include:

  • Capability to engage in large scale regional focused projects.
  • Researcher network enabling formation of multidisciplinary teams to address complex regional issues.
  • Access to experienced industry focused Sense-T researchers able to provide data focused solutions to enhance decision-making.
  • Sense-T staff are full-time researchers able to continually work on Government projects to ensure a timely completion.
  • Opportunities for indepth advanced data analysis including predictive capabilities and exploration of problems solved through research approaches.
  • Development of solutions capable of providing solutions in real-time business operations.
  • Interest and capability to commercialise solutions for wider industry and other regional areas’ benefit.

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Working with Sense-T

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The process of project development:

  • Understanding the problem and whether it can be solved via technology and data.
  • Investigating whether the project may be eligible for other funding to assist in leveraging the industry partner’s investment.
  • Co-designing an initial scoping document outlining the business problem, the methodology, the proposed outcome and high level budget.
  • Development of a comprehensive collaborative project agreement including deliverables, timelines, payment schedule, intellectual property and commercialisation (if applicable).
  • Applying for funding if applicable.
  • Project commences.

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