We work with Industry on data driven projects which couple multidisciplinary research and modelling to enhance predictive decision support outcomes.


Sense-T co-designs data and technology focused research projects with industry that address their problems. Understanding industry problems and creating impact through the project outcome are two of our major drivers.

Through advanced data analytics such as machine learning (algorithms and machine vision) our goal is to assist industry partners journey from being hindsight to foresight focused where predictive capability is possible.


The benefits for industry partners working with Sense-T include:

  • Access to experienced industry focused Sense-T researchers capable of providing data focused solutions to enhance decision-making.
  • Sense-T staff are full-time researchers able to continually work on industry projects to ensure a timely completion.
  • Opportunities for in depth analysis and exploration of problems solved through research approaches.
  • Development of solutions capable of providing solutions in real-time business operations.
  • Access to funding programs to leverage investment not available to industry partners by co-developing the funding application, subject to the project scope and whether the funding is competitive.
  • Capability to work from conceptual development to delivering the business solution to commercialising the opportunity.

Our network - industry partners

Working with Sense-T

The process of project development:

  • Contact Sense-T to establish opportunity for collaboration
  • Preliminary meeting to identify and understand scope of the problem
  • Initial scoping of the problem and whether it can be solved via technology, data and modelling.
  • Investigating whether the project may be eligible for other funding to assist in leveraging the industry partner’s investment.
  • Co-designing an initial scoping document outlining the business problem, the methodology, the proposed outcome and high level budget.
  • Development of a comprehensive collaborative project agreement including deliverables, timelines, payment schedule, intellectual property and commercialisation (if applicable).
  • Applying for funding if applicable.
  • Project commences.