Cherry Hill Coolstores Potato Seed Traceability

Cherry Hill Coolstores is an intermediary (custodian) between buyers and sellers of potato seed having approximately 16,000 tonnes of potato seed in storage per annum.

This project is the first stage in solving a real business problem of how to systematically manage the many continuing movements of over 16,000 tonnes of potato seed throughout the year for Cherry Hill Coolstores to gain visibility to the individual one and two tonne boxes of potato seed.

The objective of this project is to design, prototype and trial a system for Cherry Hill Coolstores that:

  1. Automates the process of tracking and location and movement of potato seed boxes, simplifying the management of movements as well as providing an electronic record of movements of each load.
  2. Creates an audit trail of environmental data (temp/humidity/Co2) and time stamping at each stage
  3. Develop additional points of interest in the system if they are not cost prohibitive that:
    • Monitor the time spent at each stage, and
    • Optimises forklift movements.