Industry 4.0 Testlab Sense-T Mobile i4.0 Platforms

Demystifying sensors and data for farmers

The Sense-T Mobile i4.0 Platforms project, involves advanced telemetry and sensor platforms which have been deployed at sites around Tasmania to collect micro-climate level data and operational sensor data from a range of devices over an extended period.

Data includes including weather data, soil data, IoT devices (gates closed/opened), pulse meters for measuring water / gas / electricity flows, location, and air quality, depending on the industry site requirements.

The Sense-T Mobile i4.0 Platforms are currently located in the Tamar Valley in Northern Tasmania ingesting a total of approximately 70,000 data points per day at the following businesses:

  • Holm Oak Vineyard
  • St Matthias (Moorilla) Vineyard
  • Ninth Island Vineyard
  • Montague Orchards (green field site)
  • Hillwood Berry Farm
  • Angus Landfall

Dashboards are being refined in consultation with industry partners to enable the journey from raw data to processed data (information) to analytical data to create new insights and evidence for data-driven decision-making to improve farming efficiency, quality and productivity in real time.