Real-time Supply Chain Sensing

Sense-T (UTAS) and DPIPWE have jointly funded the deployment of 50 temperature sensors on farms and properties in the Tamar Valley, provided telemetry and data costs and developed a website visualisation for the farmers/growers. The purpose was to gather temperature data to provide high-resolution air temperature monitoring for frost notifications, degree day and chill hour tracking via and The sensing has been occurring for over one year. The other purpose was a very early stage introduction to IoT through the benefits that can be gained through data, even if through only one sensor.

Through the use of sensors on farms, important data can be gathered, integrated and analysed which can help to make better decisions related to environmental impacts on growing, energy and water usage, reducing waste, and eliminating breaks along the perishable food cold chain.

This Internet of Things focused testbed will improve productivity, reduce waste, and build sustainable business practices by integrating data to inform decision making. Further efficiencies can be gained through the automating of data collection from sensors and automating business operations.