Soil CRC Smart Soil Sensors

To overcome the problems associated with above ground sensors, Sense-t is collaborating with the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture to develop the next generation of field-based sensors that can measure, map, interpret and communicate sensor data that meets the growers’ needs.

The current generation of wired systems for measuring soil moisture continue to be damaged due to field operations such as ploughing, livestock chewing cables and limitations of sensors further than 10 metres from a fence line.  After consultation with growers, a need for another option became evident resulting in this project funded by the Soils CRC.

This project is a collaboration between the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture, Sense-T and the University of Southern Queensland and growers that is developing soil moisture sensors buried underground able to transmit data wirelessly to the farmer.  Benefits include reduced maintenance and damage costs,  easier integration to cloud services, and real-time analysis of soil moisture.