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Working from Home

Shared Services have started receiving a number of enquiries regarding support for people working from home.

We would like to let these people know they can continue to access our services as they would when working on campus.

For urgent matters, Shared Services can be contacted on +61 3 6226 2600.

For non-urgent matters, you can log a job via the Service Portal.

For people who are planning to work from home, the information below can help you setup your work computer to access the University's computing systems.

Before disassembling your computer: shut-down your laptop, turn off all devices, turn power off at the wall

Reassembling computer: once your computer is reassembled, turn power on at the wall, then turn on all devices

Often you take your laptop home to do some work overnight. But when taking your laptop home to work for an extended period, you will probably need more than just your laptop.

What to take home

  • Possibly your Docking Bay (you will need your docking bay if your laptop does not have enough ports to plug in your monitor, mouse, keyboard and headset)
  • Laptop
  • Monitor
  • External mouse and keyboard
  • Skype headset
  • Cables

Before taking your equipment home

Make sure you have a good idea of how to reassemble your equipment.

  • Use your phone to take photos of what your laptop setup looks like (back, front, sides)
  • Cables are designed to fit into the correct port – do not force cables
  • You can draw a rough plan on a piece of paper noting where the cables plug into
  • Trial disassembling and reassembling equipment at work, before you take it home
  • Send an e-mail to your supervisor advising them of what you are taking home
  • Make sure VPN software is installed and you know how to use it at home (see below)

Make sure you know how to set-up and connect to University network drives from home (see below)

If you are unsure of any of the above, please contact the Service Desk on +61 3 6226 2600.

VPN software to connect to University systems from home

  • VPN software is required to connect to network drives, software license servers and some web-based systems from home.
  • Most UTAS computers already have this software installed.
  • Information on how to install, start and use VPN software can be found here:

How to access University network drives from home

Instruction on how to connect to University network drives (P, N, S and R drives) can be found here:

How to create a Hotspot

If you do not have internet access at home, or your internet access is slow, you can connect your laptop to your mobile phone as a personal hotspot in order to gain internet access:

Help setting up at home

Service Desk staff can assist you at home using Zoom Video Conferencing

  • Download Zoom to your mobile phone/ mobile device and login to your Zoom account (this will enable Service Desk staff see your equipment)
  • Phone the Service Desk on +61 3 6226 2600

Docking Bay quick start guides