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Research at UTAS


The University of Tasmania is committed to improving the health of Tasmanians through high-quality research. The Public Health team have been integral to the design and evaluation of the Shock Verdict campaign. Associate Professor Kate MacIntyre, Dr Silvana Bettiol and University of Tasmania’s Master of Public Health Graduate Timothy Kariotis have led the design of the evaluation of the Shock Verdict campaign.

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The University of Tasmania’s Public Health team will undertake the evaluation of the Shock Verdict campaign.

The campaign aims to increase public awareness of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest, improve public knowledge of CPR and AEDs and increase the public’s willingness to provide CPR and use an AED. The evaluation will measure both the reach, engagement and impact of the campaign. Social media analytics will be used to measure how many people the campaign reached and engaged.

Surveys administered online before and after the campaign will measure the impact on people’s knowledge and willingness regarding CPR and AEDs, as well as people’s awareness of the campaign message. What is exciting about this campaign evaluation is the opportunity to understand how social media can be used as a channel to convey public health messages. Social media is growing as a way to share health messages, and the research that informs this is still in its infancy. This research will contribute to understanding the reach and engagement of public health messages, and whether they affect knowledge and willingness to change behaviour

Research at the University of Tasmania

The University of Tasmania Public Health team specialises in several areas of research including Social Determinants of Health, Oral Health, Health Literacy, and Breastfeeding. Professor Roger Hughes leads the University’s public health team. Associate Professor of Public Health Kate MacIntyre has led the research of the Shock Verdict campaign.

Professor Roger Hughes

Head, Department of Public Health & Health Systems, School of Medicine, University of Tasmania

Roger Hughes is a public health nutritionist whose research has focused on public health intervention development and capacity building. He has diverse research interests spanning the public health applications of genomics to societal interventions to address the big public health challenges of our time, such as obesity, dementia and maternal and child health. He remains active in health workforce development research and is a specialist advisor on workforce development and capacity building for national and international agencies such as UNICEF, The World Bank and state and national governments in the Asia Pacific.

Associate Professor Kate MacIntyre

Master of Public Health Course Coordinator, University of Tasmania

Kate MacIntyre is a UK trained public health physician and clinical academic with an established track record in chronic disease epidemiology and analysis of routinely linked datasets.

Kate’s research interests are in cardiovascular and stroke epidemiology, inequalities in health and socioeconomic deprivation and health services.

Kate works in a conjoint position and also works as a Specialist Medical Advisor with Public Health Services, DHHS Tasmania.

Studying at the University of Tasmania

Studying a Master of Public Health (MPH) at the University of Tasmania can be a stepping-stone to being involved in campaigns like Shock Verdict. The University’s MPH can provide you with the skills and knowledge to research, design and evaluate public health programs that make a real impact. The Master of Public Health can be studied online and includes both coursework and research. You can focus your studies through four specialist streams including; Epidemiology; Health Services; Environment, Disease and Food; and Remote and Polar Health.

Timothy Kariotis

MPH Graduate, Shock Verdict Evaluation Design

Timothy Kariotis is a University of Tasmania Master of Public Health Graduate, and a PhD candidate at the University of Melbourne.

Timothy grew up on the North West Coast of Tasmania, and he cares deeply about the health of the local community. His research interests span public health, mental health, health informatics, and primary healthcare.

After graduating from the University of Tasmania with a MPH in 2017, Timothy was asked to join the Shock Verdict team to design the evaluation of the campaign. He has also been involved in other aspects of the campaign, including content creation and stakeholder consultations.