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Short Courses

Why choose a short course?

Whether you’re looking to further your career, learn a new skill or pursue a lifelong interest, the University of Tasmania has a short course for you.

You'll learn from experts in their field, who will provide you with the skill and knowledge you can immediately apply to your life or career.

It's your chance to learn something quickly without long-term study.

You'll have the opportunity to choose courses that are offered fully online or through face-to-face workshops.

Easy to enrol. No big commitments. Open to everyone.

What is a MOOC?

A ‘MOOC’ is a ‘Massive Open Online Course’- Massive, because it attracts a cohort larger than traditional university courses; Open, because it's free; and Online, because you can access it on the internet from anywhere.

University of Tasmania MOOCs are regarded as amongst the best in the world and they are available to everyone at no cost. The latest information is presented by leading experts in a way that is accessible whether you have a personal or professional interest in the topic.

The MOOCs listed below are currently accepting enrolments.