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Event: Fossil Fuel Divestment Q & A


Fossil Fuel Divestment Q & A

Start Date

21 May 2015 6:00 pm

End Date

21 May 2015 8:00 pm


Stanley Burbury Theatre, University Centre, Sandy Bay campus

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The University of Tasmania has the opportunity to be leader on the issue of climate change by divesting its investments from the fossil fuel industry. This forum will involve a panel of experts discussing the issues involved in universities around Australia divesting: should universities divest, what political issues are there blocking them from doing so, what is the best way to move beyond fossil fuels. 

This Q&A style event is a continuation of the ongoing campaigning by University of Tasmania students and staff. By opening the discussion to the public, all constituents of the university and by reaching out to experts Fossil Free University of Tasmania aims to encourage critical thinking and discussion on the issue. The event will emphasise and clarify the rationale, challenges and goals of divestment. With input from experts, interested parties and comment from the greater community, the event will give this form of climate action new direction.

Professor Richard Eccleston, Director of the University of Tasmania's Institute for the Study of Social Change (ISC)
Richard is a political scientist specialising in domestic, comparative and international political economy with an emphasis on taxation policy and public finance. He is the author or editor of six books and over 30 articles and chapters on these and related topics. His strong background in the politics of economic decision-making will aid the discussion and he remains open to debate regarding divestment.


Naomi Edwards, Chair of Tasplan Super
Naomi currently sits on the Board of funds management company Hunter Hall International Ltd which went fossil fuel free in April 2014. Naomi is a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries with a strong professional background in funds management and superannuation. She currently works as a non-executive board member on various listed and NFP boards and holds a strong interest in conservation and ESG investing. In the past she has worked as a director, chairperson and partner on a number of well-regarded institutions including Bob Brown Foundation, Australian Ethical Investments and Deloitte Australia.

Greg Barns, President of Australian Lawyers Alliance
Greg is a well-known and outspoken Tasmanian barrister who practices in the areas of criminal and administrative law. He was a senior adviser to a number of federal and state Liberal Party leaders and ministers from 1989-99. He was National Chair of the Australian Republican Movement from 2000-02 and National President of the Australian Lawyers Alliance from 2012-2013.  Greg has been a non executive director of a number of mineral exploration companies.  He has written three books on Australian politics.

Vicky Fysh, Director of National Campus Campaigns, 350 Australia
Vicky is a passionate climate change activist working in Australia's largest divestment focused-organisation, 350 Australia. She has ongoing experience in campaigning specifically for the divestment of university financial portfolios from fossil fuels. This includes being a founding member and coordinator of the University of Melbourne divestment campaign and supporting campus movements nationally. Previously she has also worked for the University of Melbourne Union as an environment officer and Beyond Zero Emissions as an engagement officer.

For more information contact Alexander Tomlinson, Fossil Free University of Tasmania State Coordinator: or 0400877326


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