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RESEARCH PITCH EVENT | Regional Research Project 'Dragon's Den'



Start Date

19 Oct 2016 2:00 pm

The Regional Research Network warmly invites you to attend our upcoming Regional Research Project ‘Dragon’s Den’. This event will provide a friendly forum for researchers to pitch early-stage Regional Development research project ideas, identify collaborators and collaboration opportunities, and get mentoring support from experienced regional development researchers. We invite you to come along and hear about some of the exciting research ideas being developed across the University, and the opportunities they could offer for you get involved in new multi-disciplinary research collaborations.

The Den will be held between 12 and 2pm on Wednesday 19th October.

Lunch will be provided and the Den will be video-linked between:

Sandy Bay: "Harvard" Room 1, Centenary 132
Launceston: NH.L172 Video Conferencing Room
Cradle Coast Campus: CC.B159.Video Conference Room
Rozelle: RZ.022 Immersive Video Conference Room


Presenter: Kathy Evans (Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture)
Topic: Building systemic innovation and adaptive capacity re agriculture

Presenter: Robin Krabbe (Institute of Regional Development)
Topic: Exploration of Wellbeing Towns to advance regional development and youth wellbeing

Presenter: Gregory Nolan (Architecture and Design)
Topic: Envisaging and scoping the potential of a sustainable Tasmanian society based on biological resources and products.

Presenter: Di Nichol (Faculty of Law, Centre for Law and Genetics (CLG)
Topic: Rolling out genomic medicine in regional Australia using Tasmania as a case study

Presenter: Gregor Edeson (School of Land and Food)
Topic: Using sensor data to improve the systemic sustainability of productive landscape uses and improve the resilience of participating enterprises

Presenter: Bruce Williams (Launceston City Council)
Topic: Leveraging the City of Launceston NBN [a fully connected fibre city] as an economic development opportunity


Robyn Eversole, Director Institute of Regional Development
Mark Hochman, Senior Advisor, Research Policy and Strategy
Ian Cummings, Acting Deputy Director, Research Development, Research Services Manager, Northern Research Hub

If you would like to attend the Den, please RSVP for catering purposes to Tania Fothergill ( by Monday 17th October.

If you have any questions about preparing the Den or the Regional Research network, please contact:

Megan Woods (Tasmanian School of Business and Economics)
Robyn Eversole (Institute for Regional Development)
Rajendra Adhikari (Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture)

We look forward to seeing you at the Project Den!


Institute for Social Change
University of Tasmania
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