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Public Lecture | The Refugees Paradox


Dr Jen Couch, Senior Lecturer in Youth Work, Australian Catholic University

Start Date

29 Jun 2017 5:30 pm


The Stanley Burbury Theatre, University Centre, University of Tasmania, Sandy Bay campus

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Drawing on the experience of teaching and working in several protracted refugee situations, Dr Jen Couch will explore the question of whether these paradoxes can be resolved. Is higher education without a nation-state possible at all? Can higher education be provided within the temporariness and restrictedness of a protracted refugee situation and, more particularly, in the case of young Burmese camp refugees in Thailand?

The presenter, Dr Jen Couch, is a senior lecturer in youth work at the Australian Catholic University (ACU). She has established a national reputation for her work in the area of refugee young people and resettlement, and is one of the few academics to undertake research on young people from refugee backgrounds and homelessness. Before beginning at ACU 10 years ago, she worked extensively in the youth and community sectors in Australia and South Asia.

Public lecture recording accessible here


Top left:  (L-R) Professor Rob White, Senator Lisa Singh, Dr Jen Couch, Professor James Chin

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