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The Tasmania Project Place and Wellbeing report

The Tasmania Project (TTP) Place and Wellbeing report, out today, sheds light on the migration patterns of TTP respondents, their reasons for coming to (or back to) Tasmania, and their plans to leave.

The Tasmania Project Place Survey (TTP7) was open between 16 June and 5 July 2022. The survey asked respondents, Tasmanians aged over 18, about their moves to and from the mainland and/or overseas, the reasons underlying moves to (or back to) Tasmania, and whether they intend to move from Tasmania (and why). The Technical Report PDF 1.0 MB provides detailed information about the methodology.

In this report, we examine the migration profiles of respondents to TTP7; the length of time they have lived in Tasmania, and where they lived directly before they moved to Tasmania. We also examine the reasons for moving to or back to Tasmania in terms of how common they were across the sample (i.e., the proportion of people who identified each reason as a factor in their move) and how important the reasons were, on average.

We also examine intention to leave Tasmania, estimated timeframe of outbound migration, and reasons driving the decision to leave (again, prevalence and importance of reasons). Finally, we take a high-level look at the general factors that people consider when they decide whether to stay or leave the place they reside.

Read the full report PDF 1.3 MB

Published on: 31 Aug 2022 2:32pm