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Report: Population Resilience in Tasmania

The latest report from the Institute examines the size, composition and geographic distribution of Tasmania's population over time to inform an update to Tasmania's Population Strategy.

This research and report was commissioned by the Tasmanian Department of State Growth to inform
an update to Tasmania’s Population Strategy in light of the impacts of COVID-19.

The report addresses the following key questions:
1. In light of the revised population projections, what are the key influences likely to be over the next five, ten years and beyond?
2. What are the key changes arising out of 2020/2021 and amid COVID-normal that are impacting liveability in Tasmania?
3. How might Tasmania best leverage the opportunities arising to retain residents and attract
migrants from interstate and overseas to sustain the population and support growth?
4. In the context of the above, are the three pillars of Tasmania’s Population Growth Strategy of job creation and workforce development, migration and liveability still fit for purpose? How might they need to be adapted?

Read the full report here PDF 5.8 MB

Read the summary report here PDF 1.5 MB

Published on: 26 Sep 2022 5:45pm