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Our people

The Institute for the Study of Social Change brings together researchers across the University of Tasmania who are passionate about understanding and addressing social change in this state and beyond.

Institute staff, together with our colleagues across the university, deliver a range of policy, demographic and social research services aimed at informing public policy and community debate.

We present free public events aimed at stimulating discussion around key issues affecting Tasmania and the wider community.

Our team

Andrew is a Northern Representative for the Institute for the Study of Social Change, based in Launceston's CBD. Andrew’s recent work for the University of Tasmania has focused on how the Northern Transformation project can change Launceston into a real University city. He is a director and vice president of the Launceston Chamber of Commerce and a director and former chair of Cityprom. He is a Tasmanian Leaders Program graduate and director of the ‘Tasmanian Breath of Fresh Air’ Film Festival.

Robin is a research assistant with the Anticipatory Care project. She has an interest in social, economic and environmental sustainability, community development and the relationship between these and health and wellbeing.

Miriam is a public health researcher and practitioner with a particular interest in the social determinants of health and health equity. With more than 20 years experience working in the areas of public and environmental health, she has worked for local and state governments, the private and community sectors, and as a public health consultant. Miriam is currently completing her PhD with Southgate Institute for Health Society and Equity at Flinders University on the health and wellbeing of people who work in the informal economy.

Thérèse Murray is a Research Assistant with the Anticipatory Care project. She is human geographer, with an interest in Place and places, and their implication in human wellbeing and flourishing.

Vice-Chancellor's research fellow Saul Eslake

Vice-Chancellor’s research fellow: Saul Eslake

Since his appointment as Vice Chancellor’s Fellow in 2016 Saul has made a significant contribution to the Institute’s policy research and events program.

Affiliated researchers

The Institute has an open membership of affiliated researchers which consists of scholars from across the University of Tasmania whose research interests align with the Institute's areas of interest. We welcome new staff members or HDR candidates.

We bring together more than 200 affiliated researchers across the University of Tasmania with an interest in studying social change in all its dimensions.

Our Advisory Board

The ISC Advisory Board was appointed to provide strategic advice on the Institute's future research and community impact strategy. The Board consists of distinguished members of the Tasmanian community and leading national scholars in our fields of research specialisation.

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