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Research | Social Work

Research in Social Work is focussed on engaging critically with a diverse range of social and practice concerns at local, national and international levels. Staff are recognised as leaders in research on social inclusion; mental health; migrants and refugees; ageing; grief and bereavement; risk; Whiteness and decolonisation; and ethics and morality in social work practice.

Our work is published in leading journals and by top-tier academic presses, we have access to an international network of top-flight researchers, and members of our team have received prestigious research grants and fellowships.

Research Strengths

People working in this area include Professor Bob Pease.

Research in these areas include professional practice and practice frameworks in contexts including mental health, aged care, disability, health, children and families, cross-cultural work; indigenous practice; work with young people.

People working in this area include Dr Jos Baltra-Ulloa, Dr Anthea Vreugdenhil, Dr Sonya Stanford, Dr Anne Coleman.

Research Degrees

We welcome proposals from qualified applicants to undertake research degrees in PhDs and Masters, and are pleased to discuss research proposals that cross disciplines, including sociology, criminology, law, science, creative arts, economics and health sciences. You can browse a list of already funded available PhD projects requiring candidates.