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Australian Cricket’s Volunteer of the Year

Congratulations to Charles Rose of our very own University of Tasmania Cricket Club, named Australian Cricket’s Volunteer of the Year.

At the Cricket Australia “A Sport for All” awards ceremony held on the 23rd of May at Melbourne’s CitiPower Centre, Charles Rose, a leader of our UTAS Cricket Club received national recognition for his outstanding contributions as a Volunteer.

Leading the way in conjunction with the University of Tasmania Cricket Club, Charles hosted in partnership with the Intercultural Sports League the “Don’t Give Up, Give Back” Cup, a tournament for those seeking asylum, refugees and international students that included multiple nationalities such India, Pakistan, Sir Lanka and Nepal to name a few.

Opening the UTAS Club to culturally diverse and migrant communities in the Hurricanes Champions League and increasing the female participation and all-girls teams within the club would have influenced Cricket Australia’s decision to award Charles as the Volunteer of the Year.

We would like to acknowledge that the University is lucky to have him be a part of our University of Tasmania Cricket Club and join Charles is celebrating his achievements.

Published on: 24 May 2019 3:54pm