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Nicole's kicking goals in sport and study

Nicole Bresnehan is one of the North Melbourne Tasmanian Kangaroo's latest recruits. As one of eight Tasmanian women selected in the 2018 AFLW Draft, Nicole is making the most of her passion for football while also studying a Bachelor of Business and Economics at the University of Tasmania.

"I really like the study environment at the University of Tasmania. The lecturers are great and flexibility of studying part-time or online is excellent," said Nicole.

I do my degree part-time which allows me to balance work, football, and study. There's lots of flexible class times on offer which definitely makes it a lot easier to get your hours up where you need to.

The North Melbourne Tasmanian Kangaroos and the University of Tasmania have an official partnership, collaborating to encourage young people to pursue education and career pathways.

“The club is really involved with the Tasmanian community and there’s some great opportunities for game-day involvement through the University too.

There are a lot of students I know who really appreciate that the University of Tasmania can accommodate their passions outside of study, whether that’s football or other interests, while giving them the support they need for their career goals.

Nicole's long-term ambition is to use the skills she's learnt at University to work in the business side of the sport industry.

"I think studying business and economics combined is really complementary; you learn great skills and a foundation of understanding that prepares you for real challenges in the workplace."

If you have other passions outside of study, you should definitely continue doing them and enjoying them – there are always ways to find time for those other commitments, and it's really beneficial to your quality of life to keep those things in balance.

Published on: 04 Feb 2019 1:15pm