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Six UTAS teams make Hockey Grand finals

Six Hockey teams will be fighting it out in the Grand Final on September 15, representing the University of Tasmania.

All teams that took to the field for the finals smashed it though to the Grand Finals. Which included  the 2nd Grade Men,
2nd Grade Women (Black), 3rd Grade Men and 3rd Grade Women (Black).

Hockey 2

They join Premier League Men and 5th Grade Men who also both progressed

All of the action starts at 8am,, with the program below:

Premier League Men - 4.00pm on THC1
Second Grade Men - 10.00am on THC2
Second Grade Women - 12.00pm on THC2
Third Grade Men - 8.00am on THC1
Third Grade Women - 8.00am on THC2
Fifth Grade Men - 8.15am on THC3


Published on: 12 Sep 2018 12:58pm