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Football - South (AFL)

The club (nickname –The Rainbows) currently fields two teams (Seniors and Reserves) in the Old Scholars Football Association (OSFA). This is primarily a Hobart City based competition. The other clubs in the competition are Dominic Old Scholars, O.H.A., Hutchins Old Boys, St Virgils Old Scholars and Richmond. In 2018 the TUFC Women's team took the field in the SFL.

The Club is based on the Tasmania University campus, at the end of Grosvenor Street in Sandy Bay. The existing clubrooms were built in the late 1980s as a joint arrangement between the University Union, the University and the Football and Cricket Clubs.

We have a proud tradition of success. There are records of the club playing earlier, but organised association football started when the club joined the Queenborough Football Association (formed in 1936), and from 1936 to 1947 played against teams in the Sandy Bay area on an ad-hoc basis. In 1948, we joined the Amateurs and were fortunate enough to win the premiership in our second year, 1949, defeating Hutchins.

Currently in the Old Scholars (formed in 1989) we have a registered list of players, around 80, to field two teams. 2018 saw the inaugural TUFC Women’s team (35 registered players) compete in the SFL well coached by Gerry O'Dea. We also have an active supporters’ group, which currently numbers around 90. During the 70s and 80s the club fielded up to 5 teams and over the years many enduring friendships have been made, much enjoyment has been had and when the football gods have smiled on the TUFC we have won premierships. TUFC Rainbows TUFC Rainbows Facebook