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Why donate?

The Tasmanian University Student Association' (TUSA)'s clubs have been offering sporting opportunities for student cohorts for many years. Clubs provide sporting and recreation for students, staff, alumni and other friends of the University community.

Club memberships are open to students, staff and alumni. Sporting clubs compete in local, regional, state and national competitions; recreational clubs conduct adventure activities in unique and exciting environments; and instructional clubs provide courses in a variety of martial arts and other self-disciplines.

The UTAS Sports Fund assists students to participate in university sporting clubs. The fund is designed to support student-athletes in their academic and sporting endeavours.

With your help, students at the University of Tasmania have the opportunity participate in a community that encourages and delivers fun, friendship, fitness, self and university pride.

Your donation will help our clubs to:

  • Invest in equipment
  • Increase membership numbers
  • Participate in state and national competitions

How much can i give?

No matter how much you give, you can make a difference.

Smaller donations can be used to hire a training facility

Larger sums could contribute to the uniforms for a club

Major donations could fund representation at a national or international tournament or competition.

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