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Business Intelligence Competency Centre

The University of Tasmania's Business Intelligence Competency Centre (BICC) was formed in August 2014 and co-ordinates University-wide information via a central, integrated reporting and analysis service.

The BICC membership consist of staff who have responsibility for the capture of information and data across the University. They serve as members within the relevant working groups and provide liaison between the core data systems and the central BI team.


  • Provide quality assurance of data in Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) by reconciling data in the EDW to the Source System
  • Provide documentation and understanding of business rules and data definitions associated with the data provided
  • Provide guidance and use of data
  • Identify and provide key data into the EDW
  • Liaise with the functional teams to ensure relevant is captured and identify information gaps
  • Maintain data quality within the source system in accordance with the Data Governance Framework
  • Adhere to University change process with regard to key data elements and systems

Commitments made by the members of the BICC

What do we start doing? What do we continue doing? What do we stop doing?
Project Governance Wiki development Working in isolation
Promote project objectives Network and communication Implementing systems in isolation
Define the information needs Provide data Duplicate data
Share information and priorities Develop Data Warehouse Keeping things "secret"
Understanding the big picture   Running multiple systems
Draw on existing expertise   Excluding other departments and their needs in solution design
Listen to colleagues   
Embed BIO into the University   
Identify and build on strengths   
Integrate systems/processes   


  • Associate Director, Institutional Performance
  • Manager, Business Intelligence
  • Data Warehouse Analysts
  • Associate Director, HR Services and Systems
  • Manager, AMS Information Systems
  • Manager, Space and Property Planning
  • Business Analyst, International
  • Manager, Systems and Projects (CSD)
  • Registrar (S&E)
  • Assoc Prof and Head of TILT
  • Research Performance and Analysis Manager
  • Manager, Financial Business Systems
  • Director, Planning and Institutional Performance
  • Manager, Integration Services
  • Business Analyst Manager, Student Centre
  • Statistics Officer, (S&E)