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Aspirations Matter 2016


The 3rd Aspirations Matter Symposium will be held on
Wednesday 19 October 2016 from 9.30am to 4:30pm
at the Stanley Burbury Lecture Theatre
on the Sandy Bay campus of the University of Tasmania

The symposium will showcase the educational aspiration work done in Tasmania and consider the impact it has in our communities.

This is an excellent opportunity to learn what has been occurring and accomplished in educational aspiration programs and activities, and to speak with members of staff engaged in this work from both the university and the community.

Aspirations Matter 2016 Program

Registration will open at 9:30AM in the foyer of the Stanley Burbury Lecture Theatre.


10.20 – 10.50

Keynote Speaker 1 – Professor Elaine Stratford, Director Peter Underwood Centre for Educational Attainment

10.50 – 11.20

Keynote Speaker 2 – Ms Gill Berriman, Principal Rokeby High School

11.30 – 1.15



Session 1 – Partnerships

Session 2 – Parents Matter

Session 3 – Aspirations into Science

Session 4 – Rural Aspiration

11.30 – 11.50

Brett Williams & Sonia Hodgetts Pathways to Success

Marcel Kerrison, Sue Kilpatrick & Robin Barnes Parents Matter: raising children's post-year 10 educational aspirations

Adele Wilson Young Tassie Scientists - Bringing science into Tasmanian communities

Lizzi Shires, Kayla Millhouse & Anne-Maree Temple Recruiting the next generation of rural doctors should start in rural schools. Medical students as peer educators, increasing aspirations in rural children.

11.55 – 12.15

Mary Ann Hunter & Wendy Morrow Raising aspiration through creativity: Impacts for school and creative industry partnerships on student engagement and life-long learning aspirations in Tasmania

Judith Hudson Community engagement with dyslexia in Tasmania: A Case Study

Jenni Klaus & Sarah Bayne The Festival of Bright Ideas: Engaging young people in STEM

Robin Barnes & Sue Kilpatrick Rural Aspirations Project

12.20 – 12.50

Lorise Clark & Miriam Doi UTAS Teaching for Togetherness: Utilizing Student & Community Partnerships to Deliver the Clemente Program in Tasmania

Sue Kilpatrick, Susan Nystrom, Robin Barnes & Elaine Stratford Facilitating school-parent-community partnerships throughout Tasmania to help children realise their educational potential

Susan Bowler Project Based Learning Using Robotics

Barbara Kameniar Raising Aspirations and Scripting Ways to Meet Them: Insights from the Indigenous Academic Enrichment Program

12.55 – 1.15

Robert Alderson & Juanita Hack University Students in Schools: Student volunteers leading the way in shaping aspirations

Matthew Jago Parents role in Whats next

Jeannie-Marie Leroi, Clarissa Forster & Leanne Arnott Science Investigation Awards: Providing a model for informing aspirations in partnership with the community

Dr Emma Warnecke, Dr Allison Turnock, Dr Kristen Fitzgerald, Dr Lizzi Shires Developing a Rural Application Process to increase the number of rural students in Medicine

1.15 – 1.45


1.45 -3.00

Panel, Chair: Adam Mostogl, illuminate Education & Consulting

Panel Members: Elaine Stratford, Director Peter Underwood Centre for Educational Attainment, Gill Berriman, Principal Rokeby High School, James Riggall, Managing Director, Bitlink, Angelika Patras, Health Practitioner

3.10 – 4.15



Session 5 – Educational Aspirations

Session 6 – Research

Session 7 – Educational Aspirations


3.10 – 3.30

Adam Mostogl, Tasmanian vs Australian Students: Is It Really That Different?

Jessica Woodroffe Where is the evidence? Exploring the challenges of evaluating aspiration raising programs

Helen Hortle & Sue Stack Let’s Get Together, a Tasmanian Diversity Education Program


3.35 – 3.55

Susannah Coleman-Brown Children’s University Tasmania

Sarah Fischer, Sue Kilpatrick & Robin Barnes Equipping Parents to support their children’s aspiration: What works?

Darlene McLennan & students Aspirations for a university life - panel discussion with students with disability


4 – 4.20

Stuart Thorn Bigger Things

Michael Corbett, Heidi Smith, Robyn Reaburn, Janine Roberts, Robyn McCarthy, Jill Wells & Sharon Fraser Let's Dream: Researching the effectiveness of the Dream Big Program in Burnie Schools.

Bernardo A. León de la Barra Attracting girls to the STEM fields: Is it really that hard?

If you have any questions, please write to us at

We look forward to seeing you at Aspirations Matter 2016!