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International Students

Welcome to I-PREP – whether you stay in Tasmania after you graduate or have a more global career,

I-PREP will help you prepare for working life.

I-PREP will help you:

  • Recognise and adjust to workplace culture
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Succeed at the job application process
  • Develop interview skills
  • Build and enhance your professional networks.

The I-PREP program consists of a number of components:

  • An education workshop about Australian workplace culture, communication skills, and the job application process
  • A merit-based recruitment and selection process to identify work-ready students
  • An Internship position within a Tasmanian organisation so you can practically apply your skills and improve your employability for the future.

The education workshop is a key component of the I-PREP program.  The workshop is the first stage of the program and is a pre-requisite to progress to the next stage of applying for an internship.

The workshop will give you an understanding of:

  • recruitment and selection processes including understanding job descriptions, selection criteria and interviews.
  • Australian workplace culture and expectations of employers
  • communication in the workplace
  • how to identify your unique skills to a potential employer.

To register for a workshop please select the option that suits best in the "Key Dates" section

Read more about the Workshop Learning Outcomes (PDF 615.6 KB)

An I-PREP internship will give those students in their final 12 months of study a practical experience of Australian workplace culture by spending time working in a Tasmanian business or organisation. 

Only a limited number of I-PREP internships are available and are intended to give those students who are nearing graduation, and perform competitively in the application process, an opportunity to have a work experience in a local organisation to improve their employability and understanding of Australian workplace culture.

I-PREP internships are generally unpaid and students can expect to be in the workplace between 45-80 hours. Students are not guaranteed to be offered a placement in the area of their study, but every effort will be made to ensure placements contribute to their overall future employability. Internships are available in a range of different industries.

I-PREP internships must be completed before the student graduates.

Participating employers in 2018

The I-PREP program is open to current international students and Humanitarian Visa holders.

There are only a limited number of I-PREP internships available.

To be eligible for an I-PREP internship, students must:

  • be in the final 12 months of study
  • attend an I-PREP workshop
  • complete a pre and post workshop survey
  • submit an internship application.

Students undergo a competitive recruitment and selection process that includes submitting a job application and then a formal interview. This gives students the opportunity to practice what they have learnt in the workshop and develop their confidence in a real job interview situation. Students who successfully complete the application and perform competitively in the interview may be offered an internship.

  • Thursday 7 March  – Hobart workshop (registrations have closed)
  • Tuesday 12 March – Launceston workshop (registrations have closed)
  • Thursday 14 March – Hobart workshop (registrations have closed)
  • Friday 15 March – Applications for internship open
  • Sunday 24 March – Applications for internship close
  • 1-5 April – Interviews
  • 8-12 April – Students advised of outcome
  • May-June – Internship placements commence

Semester 2, 2019 dates will be announced soon.

What is the I-PREP program?

I-PREP is a work preparation program for international students and Humanitarian Entrant Visa holders to better prepare them for future employment.

The program has a number of components:

  • an education workshop about Australian workplace culture, communication skills, and the job application process
  • a merit-based recruitment and selection process to identify work-ready students
  • an internship position within a Tasmanian organisation so students can practically apply their skills and enhance their resume.

Please note there are limited places in the workshops and limited internships available.

Am I eligible to participate in the I-PREP program?

To be eligible for the I-PREP Program you should be:

  • a current International Student or a student holding a Humanitarian Entrant Visa
  • studying full time or part time at UTAS or TasTAFE
  • available to attend workshops in either Hobart or Launceston.

If you have any questions about your eligibility please contact the I-PREP team at

How do I register for the I-PREP program?

You can register to attend a workshop via the events section of Career Connect or via the workshop registration link on the Key dates section on this page.

How will I know if I am successful in applying for the I-PREP program?

You will be notified via an email to your student email address with confirmation details of the workshop that you have registered to attend.

When is the I-PREP program delivered?

Generally workshops are offered in both semester 1 and 2. The recruitment and selection process for internships will also be held twice per year to coincide with the delivery of the workshops.

Internships will occur throughout the year and will be negotiated between the student and employer. You will need to ensure that your internship placement is completed while you are still enrolled as a student.

Do I automatically qualify for an internship position?

No. To be eligible for an internship you must complete an I-PREP workshop and then go through a formal recruitment and selection process where you will submit an application and sit an interview. Only those students who have met all of the requirements and been assessed to a work-ready standard through the written application and interview process will be offered an internship position.

What type of organisation will I be placed in?

Internships will be offered in a range of different industries. You can be confident that the organisation you will be placed in will offer you a meaningful work experience where you can build your employability skills and resume. The I-PREP program does not focus on discipline specific internship placements, as evidence has shown that experiences that extend beyond a singular focus highlight to employers that students and graduates have had more robust work experience and are able to develop and apply transferable skills.

How long does the internship last for?

You will be in the workplace for a minimum of 45 to a maximum of 80 hours. You will need to consider your study load and other commitments when negotiating your hours with your internship supervisor

Am I guaranteed an internship placement in the area of my study?

No. The I-PREP program is intended to introduce students to the workplace in a non-discipline specific work experience. However, every effort will be made to ensure your placement will contribute to your overall future employability.

Can I register to participate in the program in the semester that I am graduating?

Yes you can. You will need to be aware that if you intend to apply for and undertake an internship, then you will need to ensure that your placement is completed while you are still enrolled as a student.

How will my participation in the I-PREP program be recognised?

If you complete an internship, you will be able to apply for formal recognition with a citation on your academic transcript through the Vice Chancellor’s Leadership Program. Students who complete the workshop component only, can still apply these hours to the Vice-Chancellor’s Leadership Program requirements as part of their recorded professional learning hours.

Additionally, students who complete the I-PREP program will be identifiable on Career Connect as a UTAS validated, ‘work-ready’ student. Students who have this flag against their Career Connect profile can opt-in for the Student Jobs team to promote them to employers.

"I worked as an intern in the University of Tasmania’s Sustainability Integration Program for Students (SIPS) office. I undertook work on refining the strategic plan for biodiversity conservation on University properties. It was absolutely an ideal opportunity to apply my knowledge and skills that I have gained in my undergraduate and master’s course where I majored in biological science. I am grateful to have contributed to the sustainability team through this internship program, which has given me the experience of working in an Australian workplace and furthering my knowledge on biodiversity conservation." Kotaro Takano, Master of Applied Science

"Aside from my already-bustling student and extra-curricular life, I chose to further invest my resources and time into an I-PREP internship to get a real work experience in one of Tasmania’s most progressive Councils – Glenorchy City Council. I was fortunate to be able to work across both the Community Planning and Engagement and Economic Development departments. Being able to see my effort directly channelled into real-life projects to further advance Glenorchy’s socioeconomic and sociocultural demographics has rewarded me with a huge sense of fulfilment." Yune Wen Chia, Bachelor of Business (Economics)

"I did my I-PREP placement at Masonic Care Tasmania working in the People and Culture team. I completed tasks that supported the Human Resources function including reviewing company policies, induction materials, job descriptions and participating in recruitment processes. The I-PREP program helped me to better understand Australian workplace culture and gave me the opportunity to work on my interview skills to better prepare me for job interviews that I might complete in the future." Zhen Feng, Master of Professional Accounting

"I did my I-PREP internship at Crowe Horwath. This experience gave me an opportunity to practice and develop my skills by working on some real projects. Also, it allowed me to broaden by network. The experience was indeed a great one and I would definitely recommend it to other students." Afreen Fatima, Master of Professional Accounting

"I did my internship at Marinova, a local marine biotech company. The I-PREP program gave me a unique and invaluable experience related to my chosen field of study. I am immensely grateful for this opportunity because I learned not only practical skills and knowledge about marketing but also the Tasmanian workplace culture. I can't stress enough how rewarding this was for me in my future career life and I would recommend it to anyone who has the chance." Kerrie Cao, Master of International Business

"I did my I-PREP internship at Crowe Horwath. We were not only offered opportunities to work on some real problems to practice my skills, but also a change in my mindset from looking for the perfect answers to seeking the most suitable solutions. It was a great experience that I would recommend to other students." Hans Zhuang, Master of Professional Accounting

"I did my internship in the International Student Recruitment team at the University of Tasmania. TheI-PREP program gave me a great opportunity to learn some important skills such as writing a good resume and cover letter. During my placement, I learned more about the Australian workplace culture and I'm committed to keep learning in the future. I highly recommend international students to take part in I-PREP program." Pringle Wang, Master of Professional Accounting

"I worked as an intern in the International Student Recruitment team at the University of Tasmania. During my staying with the team, I responded to enquiries from prospective students about application and enrolment processes. This experience, and support from supervisors and colleagues, prepared me for future employment by improving various skills such as communication, team work and research." Jin Liu, Master of Professional Accounting

"I did my I-PREP internship at Anglicare Tasmania. This experience reinforced my career goals giving me the opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge that I have learnt in the University. I am taking away so many valued skills and experiences, along with new friends and memories. I would definitely recommend I-PREP to others." Rajwinder Singh, Bachelor of Business

Find out how your experiences can be formally recognised through the Vice-Chancellor's Leadership Program