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Be the change you want to see in the world

The University of Tasmania recognises the potential for leadership to develop at all levels of society and for leadership to be both personally and collectively transformational.

The University encourages all students to engage with concepts of leadership through self-discovery and participate in extension activities that can lead to positive change in the world. Students have the opportunity to engage in a range of leadership development opportunities relevant to their aspirations.

Leadership Learning: learn and reflect

We believe that everyone has the potential to unlock the leader within, and we have designed a suite of learning options to enable you to discover, develop and extend your leadership potential.

These include self-directed online modules and workshops as well as intensive programs to allow you to practice your leadership in the community and an academic unit that can be part of your degree.

Find out more about the suite of learning opportunities.

Leadership Experiences: Get involved and contribute

Value add to your degree by participating in activities that develop your skills while contributing to your community and your place. Whether volunteering, working on campus, representing your peers or the University, these activities allow you to make a difference. We can help you to find leadership experience.

Be recognised through the Vice-Chancellor's Leadership Program

The Vice-Chancellor's Leadership Program (VCLP) is a distinctive student experience that combines learning and experiences to build your capacity to engage proactively with the world around you. The University of Tasmania recognises co-curricular activities through an award structure that includes:

  • Professionally validated experiences on your resume
  • Formal commendation acknowledging your contributions
  • Citations on your academic transcript
  • Three prestigious Vice-Chancellor’s Awards in Leadership, Community Service and Professional Achievement