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Leadership Learning

New breadth units are available and more will become available through the year.

Breadth Units have been designed to provide you with the skills and deep understanding to make a difference in your own life and that of others. The world we live in faces many unavoidable but fascinating challenges.

While benefiting from the contributions of individual disciplines such as the ones you have chosen to specialise in, these challenges can perhaps only be seen in their entirety through the lens of numerous disciplines all-at-once. Leading universities and employers around the globe all recognise the need for such a rounded perspective in their graduates and employees.

Our faculties and study areas have come together to create these units in line with the University's overarching graduate attributes goals and in areas of interest and beneficial to all students. Breadth Units addressing fascinating challenges are a signal of our commitment to your future.

The benefit of studying these units is immense. You'll not only learn vital life and career skills but also learn from a multi-disciplinary team with a variety of experiences and knowledge. It is important, though, that you have a genuine choice about what you study so that you can build your knowledge in the way you wish to, and so we are putting together a suite of these units for you to choose from.

These units are not part of a single degree program but our objective is that they will be an integral part of all degrees in the future.